Sunday, February 26, 2006


I consider myself a Johorean. My dad's from Muar and mom's a Batu Pahat (an). I spent my primary years in Johor Bharu but later went all over, as dad got transferred. Settling in Kuantan, Pahang, I have acquired a new native tongue. Mingling with patients and the locals here who speak malay with a strong Pahang dialect, I have picked their words, phrases and twang with ease. I could even speak them better than my husband! I am so comfortable conversing in this lingo that many thought I was a local-bred.

It's not sufficient to just utter the phrases monotonously flat. You've got to voice them out with a special lilt. The more 'kampung' you sound the better it is! For example, "Awok nak ke mana weii?" is asked with the sentence ending in a high note and not without a slight tune to it!.

iKelah's uncle Ayah Teh of Temerloh (who owns 'Gerai Ayah Teh' at the Temerloh R&R, check it out!)) was a Music teacher who took pains in documenting words/ phrases unique to the Pahang dialect. Off and on we hear him rattle off some of these phrases and we get so fascinated hearing them. At times they sounded so foreign to the point of being funny that we laughed our heads off. When iKelah lost his balance and slid down the slippery banks of Sg Rimau into the water, recently, Boogey described the incident by borrowing Ayah Teh's word 'tercelabak', meaning to slip and fall with great force. Ayah Teh had once described an incident where an army helicopter crashed into the waters of Sg Pahang, "...helikopter tu mepeh-mepeh ke bawah, langsung terus tercelabak ke dalam sungai.." (translated as: the helicopter spiraled down and crashed into the muddy waters ) . I hope Boogey, Panglima, Kenakelayan and ikelah can fill me in for more of Ayah Teh's collection of old Pahang words. Below is a glossary of some.

Another of Boogey's brush with queer Pahang words which he never tires in relating to us would be the 'kelompin' or 'jabe' incident. Once, my FIL, asked Boogey to fetch a 'jabe' from the store-room (my FIL keeps all odds and ends overhere and you can be sure almost 100% that everything that you needed for the house-hold is stored neatly here!). Now being a very young naive lad back then, he wasn't too sure what 'jabe' was. So he stared hard at every item on the shelves and used his intuition to find an object that 'looked', 'sounded', 'smelled' like a 'jabe'. Heheh. You see, FIL, was a very firm father who detest lameness, thus asking him back what 'jabe ' was, was an impossible feat . So he stood there, looking earnestly, tension building as FIL was kept waiting. " Jabe pon awok tak kenal? Ish! Hok macam kelompin tu!" Now, who would ever think that these two words share the same meaning?

Now, when I see my aged patients, I've got to accomodate a number of things. Firstly, I've to switch into the local dialect. Secondly, as most of them are hard in hearing, I've got to shout out my queries to them. "MAKCIK! KE SUNGAI, MOLEK? SUNGAI BESOR? SUNGAI KECIK?" Now, you might be thinking that I'm talking some gibberish here, but that is how the old people here address the issue pertaining to the excretion of our bodily waste-products. Perhaps, the old kampung folks are used to using the river as toilets, thus the terms sungai besor or kecik; however sungai besor does not indicate the size of the river but the size of the excreta, rather! That's why some of ikelah's aunties here do not favor the river fish like Paten and Baung, which are synonymous to Pahang rivers especially in Temerloh. Their vivid thoughts of the Patens gobbling up the floating products of 'sungai besor' must be a real great turn-off for them! 'Sungai besor' or not, do you know that the Paten of Sg Pahang can grow to up 5-6 kilos in size and can catch a whooping price of 80-90 RM per kilo?

I have long left the soils of Johor and wonder if I can speak the way Johoreans speak with ease, again. If my memory serves me right, the Johoreans love to end their sentences with the jargon 'ek'. " Apa nama awak, ek?" " Awak nak ikut jugak ek?" And there are several unique words which I believe belong to Johoreans like for instance 'gerobok' which we love to shorten to 'gobok' which means cupboard. That word is terribly foreign overhere in Pahang that I have long lost its usage as 'almari' came to replace it. Thus each time I'm back amongst my parents and siblings, these words will sound alien when they utter them to me. Another weird Johor word would be 'belengging' which carries a meaning more applicable to men rather than women. You see, when one chose to 'belengging' it would mean that the person is in a state of partial nakedness i.e. exposing his upper body, above the navel (never below, mind you!) . Thus in the Malay culture, it's only acceptable for men to adopt this sort of dressing, never the women!

Even amongst the Pahangites, the dialect changes according to geographical differences. Apparently, iKelah says (kalau dia bohong, kawe pon bohong la yek!) that certain words evolve as you go down the river! (yes, the river, again!) . For instance, the word kawe meaning I, is used at the upper end of the river. As you go down towards the river-mouth, the same word has shortened into 'koi' (not to be mistaken as ikan koi, though!). Why? Don't ask me. Perhaps the people down the river became more sophisticated and found that shortened words made business transactions faster? I really don't know, :)

So each time I'm being asked this,"Awok orang Pahang weii?" My standard answer would be this, "Tidak! Kawe orang Johor. Kawe kawen orang Pahang. Terpkasa jadi orang Pahang ler" As the good old malay saying goes: "Masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kandang lembu menguak" or its English equivalent: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do".

kelompin- cheap bags, plastic or paper
cebek- to carry around things by the hand
jabe- can be used interchangebly with kelumpin
kelebek- to scrutinise with the hands? hehe (in my field of work, I do this a lot!)
condeh-to place something precariously at the edge of something
cempong-a beloved, so Bea is Pycno's cempong, so to speak
pentelun- must be copied from pantaloon, I guess
pedo'oh- to bluff
gamok-nya- maybe
ralik- absorbed in an action
benok- heart
bok- short form of bawak
gohek- cycle
menggelebeh- excess fat hang-outs
kanchuit- underwear
beser- to urinate all over
kohot- fatigue
kerabat- to climb (Panglima likes using this. I assume it's a Pahang slang too? Correct me )
semejid- Pekan's people way of saying Masjid
ke darat- away from the river (again, see how they relate their life to the river?)
wokme- awak semua= you all
deme- ditto
kome- I, we
kawan- I
kawe- I
koi- I
rodong- friends, pals. So you readers are my Blog Rodongs!


Cempong said...

My good rodong DrRoza,
Kawe marvel sokmo dengan kebolehan awok. Reading entry awok kali ini mengingatkan kawe kepada Adibah Amin. Dia pun versatile macam awok juga lah, dalam menulis.
Kawe nak belit Pashmina pun, tak berapa pandai lagi... *kenyit-kenyit-mata*

Count Byron said...

Dr Roza. What a lovely entry. I love these dialects, but not very good at many of them. At one time, I thought the deep Pahang dialect sounds very much like Perak's.. a word like kome for example, and the pronounciation is so very similar, lilting deliciously.

pycnogenol said...

Can that possibly be the reason why the Paten of Sungai Pahang is so delicious? I remember telling Ikelah how much I enjoyed Ikan Paten of Kuala Lipis. I need clarification and confirmation here, please...??

I would like to think that we no longer have floating products of 'sungai besor' now, or do we, still??

And yes, I'm also quite familiar with 'gerobok' or 'gobok' and all those 'eks' at the end of almost every sentence. Strangely, my youngest boy can really make all those 'ek' sound perfectly, especially when he's arguing with his brothers. Fascinating.

I'm glad to also note that Malaysians are now, more receptive to the various dialects from all parts of the country. Some words have even been accepted and formally used, even by our leaders. I find that truly enriching!!

dr in the house said...

Cempong- hehe, ngaku pon cempong, ek? Adibah Amin?? Masyalah! Jauh panggang dari api! Macam enggang dgn pipit!
Pashmina tu, rasanya pakai macam style Wardina. Your face-cut rasanya sesuai style tu.

Count- I'd pick the words and slang as I meet iKelah's old relatives in Kuala Tembeling, Pekan, Temerloh....these kampong folks are very friendly and accomodative..they love having you as guests

Pycno- hehe- insyallah Paten sekarang dah pandai dah, makan pellets je...
no I dont think floating sg besor is a rampant phenomena anymore with the advent of in-house toilets unless if one is being inflicted with a sudden urge and no loo is in sight! heheh
You speak of J.I. with great passion. He must be your cempong eh!

Really? So what are those words that the politicians are currently using?

Em said...


I loike dis post a lot... My maternal grandmama is from Penang.. I can speak Malay wif a mighty Penangite accent.. I luv the hangs in the dialect..

A typical convo be would:-

Typical Ques:"Hang nak pi mana?"

Typical Ans:"Che nak pi Tanjung
Che nak beli barang nak masak gulai"

Brings back so many memories ey?

Ku Keng said...

Dialect changes as one goes upstream. Rightly so. If one travels to the hulu of Terengganu, the dialects would be similar to that of Ulu Pahang.

Jaber is Jabir in Terengganu and Kelantan.
Pede'oh is bedor-oh for 'exaggerating' in both states. Normally bluffers exaggerate. Originated from "bid'ah".
'Rodong', similar but normally used as 'saing rodong'.

BTW Muar and Batu Pahat are not Johor. Ask the Johoreans. In the dua in khutbah Jumaat, it is ".. untuk Sultan Negeri Johor dan jajahan ta'aloknya" and this includes Muar and Batu Pahat!

Izhal said...

Hello Dr.

Thanks for hopping onto my blog and leaving a comment. Made my day. Hmmm, Hamamatsu, a town in Shizuoka perfecture is on the Honshu island (I think) and is about 3 hours from both Nagoya and Tokyo. I'm on study leave doing my doctorate and speializing in CMOS image sensors (digita l camera chips)... Hope you'd hop by again from time to time :)

abdullahjones said...

pandei sungguh awok buat pedo'oh.

crimsonskye said...

I've always loved hearing people speak their dialects. It reminds me of one of my entries two years back- telling how half of our school teachers were Kelantanese and consequently, there was almost a 'clash of tongues'. A delightful clash I say, the teachers were all trying to speak Sabahan and Kedayan while the students were all attempting to speak Kelantanese! Hoots of laughter were abound and all was done in good humour.

I myself am almsot tired out with requests to speak Sabahan or Kedayan- even after all those years I still haven't got the hang of it >_<

dr in the house said...

Em- che org Tanjung rupanya

Keng- do you mean to say Muarians and BP (an)s are actually Malaccans? Well, that's fine for me coz my birth place is Malacca!

izhal- my hubby is so much into camera and photography. Maybe he can catch with you!

AJ- kawe memang pandai buat pedo'oh sebab kawe belajo dari CikGu Pede'oh terulung dunia yg pernoh jadi imam dekat masjid Sg Pancing 2 abad dolu!

Crimson- Half of the teachers were Kelantanese? My that's a record! But isnt it a known fact that Kelantanese are almost everywhere and they come in big groups?:)

crimsonskye said...

drroza: You got that last sentence so rightly said. check out this comic strip ;)

dr in the house said...

Crimson- LOL! Wan Obi Wan Kenobi indeed! The only Kelantan grown Jedi that made it to Holywood!

easylady said...

malu kawe..kawe org pahang tapi banyok bende kawe dok pahe..mebbe sebab dok kat kontan. Masa kawe masok SBP pahang barulah kenai sikit-sikt loghat daerah paheng.

He..he..I pun ada insiden dok tau jabe tu gapo.Supo mace DITH critatulah pusing dulu konon-konon boleh agak gapo.pastu surender gi tanya balik mak sedara org pekan. Baru tau jabe tu beg plastik..

congratulations and thank you for many words yang I tak tau dipermudahkan oleh kak roza....

lifecuppa said...

jabe is a local word for kelantanese to..worst come to worst, we call it jjabe ghokghak..hehehe

I have lots of pahangite friends, memula dengar words koi tu ingatkan hapa ke bendalah..sekali dengar macam loghat kelantan esp temerloh punya slang dua kali dengar baru perasan bukan.

I have lots of relative in rompin.

Has said...

adik Keng must be pretty archaic.

Queen Of The House said...

Very interesting.

My first ever exposure to other dialects (besides Kedah & other northern dialects) was when I went off to asrama in Seremban - there were kids from all over Msia. That was when I first heard 'berlenggeng' (apa aaa??? when I first heard it), and saing (as in "Kita pergi makan saing ye?" - to me at that moment saing means 'berlawan' (bersaing) ...duhhh, makan pun nak berlawan ke?)

Kerabat (climb) is kerabat too in Kedahspeak. Kelompin = kampit?? (as in kampit beras)?

And RODONG - kalau in Kedah, it means something like "redah saja", as in "Aku tak tau jalan nak pi rumah dia, jadi aku rodong saja. Nasib baik jumpa" ;)

Sayuti said...

hopefully my wife wont start speaking the Kuantan's dialect, or i'm going to have a very hard time communicating with her.

i'm worried because she's also a Johorean. orang pekan semerah (somewhere between Muar and Batu Pahat)

coincident, coincident.

p/s: qoth, it's ghabat or ghagaih, not kerabat.

JoKontan said...

My favourite pahang word must be "ser-loak"

Kawan ser-loak sokmo tunggu awok punya entri..

Queen Of The House said...

tumpang lalu ...

Sayuti, yes, it is keghabat (lupa pulak nak tukarq spelling, aih!)

Now, siapa tahu ... if I say something like "Saya dah makan 'dadah' sebelum mai kegheja tadi", what does it mean?

dr in the house said...

Easy- awok kenalah perbetoi balik lidoh awok tu bagi bunyi molek siket. Malu ke orang Pahang jek. Pergi cari kamus loghat pahang (ada ke?) :))

Onde- ape kebenda jabe ghokghak tu? Jabe hok dah nok koyak ke? Tapi rasenya org belah Rompin dah telo macam org Johor dak?

Has- very!

QOTH- Fancy a word like rodong can have 2 very different meaning eh?

Sayuti the sayut- And why should you be worried may I ask?? :))

Jo- Buat apa nya awok nak selok ke diri nunggu entri kawe? Tapi kalau tanya Maklang dia mesti pernoh dengar 'selok kera'. Agaknya maknanya mcm kera kena belacan?

Queen Of The House said...

OOps DITH ..... it should be 'ghodong' lah, the way orang Kedah would pronounce it.

Me ... tak tahu kebenda cakap orang Pahang ni :p

Boogey said...

During secondary school days in Kuantan, even my friends made jokes of me because of my thick mix Chenor Tembeling dialect. Kuantan dialect is somewhat different. Mild and mixed with trengganu dialect. My late mom used to scold me for the thick dialect and asked me to practise speaking in proper Malay. I did try later in my university days and during my years in Turkey when I started to have Johorean and KL friends who couldn`t understand what I was saying.
When I came back I thought I`ve already lost the dialect but`s still there and auto activated when someone speaks the Pahang dialect. But strangely I can`t manually enter the Pahang dialect mode. I can still remember some of the old vocabs I used. Gamak, ralik, komeng, benok, bak, okoit, gohek, menggelebeh, kanchuit, beser, kohot and many more most I can`t recall manually. I remember a childhood game everybody used to play. We sing a tune and count fingers and when the tune stops at a finger, we fold the finger. The winner is the one who have all his/her fingers folded. Usually the tune goes "mak pergi pasar..." and so on. We on the other hand played a totally different tune unknown to the modern kid world even in the 70's. It goes "Se ende dua ende patelu patele la la kumande mak bulu ketam masin malikin chongek". Don`t ask me the meaning. I have no idea. It was tought to us by our forefathers.
Maybe it is a password to open a treasure cave or if we read many times can get some kind of hikmat cakerawala something?

bergen said...

Do you do Pekan dialect? It's pretty nice, kinda singsong and very relaxed and soothing, and friendly.

Hard to imagine how to sound angry in this dialect.

Nurelhuda said...

Enjoyed the entry!
Oghang semekin gi semejid makan semekut!

Ku Keng said...

Puan Dr., this is meant for Crimson.

A friend got transferred to Labuan. First day at the mosque, a jemaah asked him,"apa kabar kita?" to which he replied without thinking,"Alhamdulillah." Then the guy asked him again, "Isteri kita apa kabar?". To this he got offended. He said to himself,"Kurang ajar. Semenjak bila pulak aku berkongsi isteri dengan dia?"

anggerik merah said...

It is awasome! Boleh belajar dialec Pahang lah... Ikan Paten kat R&R tu memang sedap. Tak ingat restoran mana. Maybe Ayah Teh kot...Balik Msia nanti kena pi pulak lah..Itupun, Uncle aka Datuk Abdullah treat me with Ikan Paten kat situ. He seems to be supplying ikan paten to my uncle continuosly. Ikan Baun sedap gak.. Misss the yum-yum.I try to forget abt sungai besar atau sungai kecik for now as you described it..hehehe..

Pak Malau said...

Kenal tak kawan Pak Malau, namanya Che Deris, dok diTanjung Lumpur, kerja gohek beca? Mengikut kata dia, sebut nama Pak Deris Beca, semua orang Kuantan kenal.

Sayuti said...

Pn Doktor, risau sbb pn doktor lah!


Tuan Keng, lawok2. haha. (gelak max 2 harkat)

dr in the house said...

Qoth- kawe pon bukan terer sngt cume sedap bercakap loghat org pahang ni

Boogey- ikelah pon ada nyanyi lagu sunday duande patelu patele, hehe..dahsyat bunyi lagu tuh! Makteh pon pernoh komen kate awok adik beradik kuat loghat Tembeling. Tapi cerita kata arwoh Mummy suroh awok buang loghat tu , kawe baru dengor, hehe...I can imagine, kesian Mummy! (sedih pulok teringatkan dia...). Terima kasih memberi perkataan2 extra tu. akan kawe masuk dalam gloassary yg sedia tgh sakit kepala yg amat sangat..tak boleh nak pikior! Pasal awok nak tinggal kite org betina kat bawoh je tu, zalim sunggih awok! Tapi kawe nok tengok kederat awok tu nanti...kawe konfiden awok naik setingkat je dah mengoh, tercungap...macam kawe kate kat sanalah, awok mesti cari akal buat2 'menurun' ke atau 'bertapa' ke dgn se macho macho yg boleh! Gerenti punya! Boogey si auta alam!

Bergen- kawe baru pergi Ganchung, Pekan, Ahad lalu, jumpa sedara ikelah. Entahlah kawe rasa sama jek bunyi dema bercakap. Selama kawe kat sana tak de pulok yg bergaduh jadi susoh nak kata lah! hehe

Nurelhuda- tu frasa femes org Pekan tu!

Keng- kawe tok fahe joke deme tu, cube elaborate sket

AM- Datuk Abdullah mana ni AM? You definitely have to forget about the sungai besor or you'll go puking! Jgn jadi macam my mom, nampak rambut dalam lauk pon dah berhenti makan!

Pak Malau- hok tu kawe tok kenal. Kawe kenal Muhamad Idris di Anak Air, Tj Lumpur. Dia kerje JPJ

Sayuti the sayut- risau pebenda weii??

crimsonskye said...

drroza: Typical mix-up la tu. If you have ever watched the Brunei TV station, you might notice their slogan: Sentiasa Bersama Biskita. Tak tau pulak 'bis-' tu datang dari mana, but to the locals in my hometown, the pronoun 'kita' actually refers as 'you' :)

Em said...

Olas and Salaams

NO I dun tink the oyster are makin me sick NO.. Ya Allah No

drbubbles said...


i was brought up in Kuala Lipis (lepih) before settle down in Jerantut(jerantet).

my favourite quote of how lepih punya loghat is, "

"Kaih nok kaih sebet"
(kalau saya nak saya bagitau (sebut) )

kalau first time dengar macam nak pekena carlsberg.

my favourite jokes on how raub dialect sound like is this:

"ayer kupi tergude-gude,jalan kuna-kuna"

stirring the coffee on the windy road"...hahahaha

lagi satu,

"bak sini kaih bela motor aok"
-let me repair your bike-

darat = kawasan jauh dari sungai
laut = tepi sungai

by the way, interesting fact i found di arkib negara no so long ago that local dialect in K.tembeling is very similar to the bruneian. not a surprise though as there was a research done by late norazit selat of UM to find the cultural link between brunei and ktembeling. they found similarities in the indung-indung dance performed by the oldies in KT with the bruneians.

drbubbles said...

uih banyak pulak idea pasal loghat pahang ni

leba = malu

Sayuti said...

puan doktor,

adalah sebabnya...


dr in the house said...

Crimson- hehe...the foul-ups of language eh!

Em- tahu la you gila oysters! hehe

Iskandar- thanks for the valuable input. Org Lepih ghupenya! Tapi bunyi loghat awok tu pekat sangat la weii! Tak terikot kawe! But I am surprised about that K Tembling's dialect has similarities withe Bruneian! How so ya?? Thanks again Dr Bubbles!

dr in the house said...

Iskandar- satu lagi---I read abt your open letter to Siti. You rasa dia baca ke? hehe So macam mana dgn Miss ape kenama tu?

dr in the house said...

sayuti- tak baik berkias...kecik hati kawe.

Boogey said...

Two more magic word I usually get to hear a lot masa kecik : "Habbat!" and "Babir" and as for gelaran pulak "Wok"

Izhal said...

Gohek kalau kedah gerek... I like baser, maybe a pahang medical term... Tapi Rodong tu pals? How?

kenakelayan said...

To add:

kalor: to be obssessed with something. Eg: yang awok kalor sangat pasal?

Sungai is pronounced as 'sungei' or sungey'.

pe'do'oh: is actually bedo'oh: a corruption of bid'ah, hehe. Eh, Keng dah kabor ke awok doh.

Some people add getek at the end of their sentences. I never found out what it means. eg: 'datanglah ke rumah getek'. ????

And in Kuantan my school friends used to 'sokmo' me all the time. Not in Maran though.

What about 'kerobek'?? Is this Pahangese or Perakian? *confused*

Q: Awok orang Pahang weii?
A: Dok! Kawe orang Johor.

And what about Awang (name for any male) or Nina (for female, a corruption of betina maybe?)

Kawe rase awok lagi pandei cakak Pahang dari kawe. Kawe dok reti!

I too was fascinated by this lingo. Actually found a book about Malay dialects (or was it the Pahang dialect? I forget) when I was a kid in the Perpustakaan Negeri. It had very good examples of the Pahang lingo. Goodness knows if the book is still there though! Ade lagi ke pustakaan tu weii?

Now I must attempt to learn/understand Sarawakian and Ganu (kawe dah penat asek kena cas mahal kat pasor Dungun tu weiii). Sapa boleh ajar weiii? :) Ade website ke?

Ikelah said...

tok soh loghat sangat kalo tok reti cakak orang pahang.kawan pun bercinte nak cakak orang pahang. kenakelayan, awok kone lame tok nampok. kawan menuleh sekejak je, nok masok tido, mintok mintok jendere tido kawan.

2wenty3hree said...

Have always been facinated by different dialects. But its ever so awkward when I try very hard to understand what the elderlies are saying. More often than not, if I go back to my mother's hometown in Terengganu, there would be moments of laughter at my expense of not understanding a certain word. Heh.

And to kenakelayan, I've always thought that getek (or etek) means somewhere along the lines of "as well", as in, "Gi ghumoh kite getek neh?"= "Come to my house as well ok?".

ummi said...

as far as i know komeng usually refers to the state of old-dry coconut. kelapa is nyor, thus old dry nyor is nyor komeng. hak yang gune buat belajor berenang buat ganti pelampung.

kawan orang temerloh. merloh, is sleep (pronounce as mergh-loh) so temerloh is actually tertido.

dr in the house said...

Boogey-Wok! Budok babir yg habbat!

Izhal- rodong tu makne nya kawan/friends- jgn tanya kawe kenapa!

Kenakelayan- Molek benor ler awok belajo bahasa Ganu. Tok ler kena tipu dek org kat pasar Dungun tu weii! Kalau nok mudoh, awok tamboh jek 'ng' di ujung semua perkataan, beregh!

ikelah- tok loghat tara mana pon! Cume nok bebahasa style org sini jer!

23- kera belakang ghumoh ada lagi ke?

Ummi- padan ler setiap kali ke KL , sampai exit Temerloh, kawe mesti nok terlelap! hehe

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Local dialects ALWAYS fascinates me. It's interesting how one nation speak the same language but in very different ways. Though I'm not familiar with the Pahang dialect... but I am very familiar with the Utara dialect!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading this. I came from Selangor with Rawa, Minang and Kerinchi's descent. But is at ease with Kelantanese dialect as I spent more than 8 years in the state during my younger days. I travelled a lot as my late father was a policeman. I can speak various Malay dialects by virtue of being educated in an SBP. But I was never able to master the (central)Pahang dialect.

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