Saturday, October 29, 2005


Images courtesy of iKelah


crimsonskye said...

ouchh.. that welt sure looks angry...

hoping for their speedy recovery and regaining health..

Paul Moss said...

First of all congraulations the image quality is great. Unbelievable if you got all those with a Nikon Coolpix. Are you sure you are not using a DSLR?
1st image: My objest of interest is the man carrying the girl. He looks protective and determined. Makes me wonder if he only got her left. So crop off the guy in red. He looks too relaxed with his hand tucked in and spoil the whole composition.
2nd image : Are you using a flash there? I can`t see any shadows wichcan add some mood.
3rd image: No comment on this school album photo.
4th image : Crimsonskye must be talking about this image. His focus ison the childs expression. Mine too naturally. So the others in the image is irrelevant. You should have zoomed in on his face from a lower angle.
5th image : I don`t get what`s showing here? I see there`s a fast flowing river, some tents, vehicles. Everythings too small and sort of looks like uniform. What is it tha we are supposed to see? Nothing stands out except the mountains. If it`s a ruined village, you must capture from an angle which can allow a comparison be made. Among fallen trees a standing one or among flatted village house a standing pole or whatever. Must remember that contrast also works to strengthen an image`s message.
Lastly Sir lanb mud hurry rare year ideal feet tree more lay year. Ma half za hair bar teen two lost dairy hearty young egg class.
Image of the week : Image 1.

Ikelah said...

thanks paul, i agree on the comment of the 1st pic. 2nd natural lighting, not to spoil the ambiance. 3rd pic just a simple donation, memorable photo. 4th pic. another simple to show gpm at work. u wanna see the face? click the image and make it larger. 4 th photo, another simple view of destructed balakot, click the inage n u can see not onlt tents but part of the ruin city.

poor contrast? its dusty and cloudy, thats a mong the earliest photo sent in hurry. the 1 st 2 r supposed to bt the good ones.

thanks...n have u help or donate to help the earthque victims at northwest pakistan?

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