Friday, October 07, 2005

Seven Wonder!

After Hiyoshi's famous 'SEVENS',I have now tagged myself

Seven things I plan to do, insh'Allah:
-continue to memorize Juz Amma which I stopped for some time
-do qiamullail more often (which I have not done for ages!Masyallah!)
-enrol in any religious class
-start on my garden project soon.Build a pergola when money permits.
-backpacking around the world. (I've wished it so many times insyallah it might come true, Boogey!)
-meet all fellow-bloggers one fine day, :)
-in short, to be a better muslim

Seven things I can do, subhan'Allah:
-blogging :)
-love others who love me
-smile to others even strangers
-drive carefully eventhough my co-driver is nagging endlessly!
-listen to my patients, patiently, ranting about their illnes
-stir-fry almost anything!
-hang in bookshops for hours

Seven things I can't do, astaghfrallah
-swim-yes havent learn how to swim yet!!
-bend backwards and touch the floor
-fly an airplane
-shoot a gun
-slaughter anything
-sleep with eyes open
-jump rope 100 times non-stop like the rest of the family (come to think of it, 50 times pon tak boleh kot!)

7 things that scare me:
-my imaginations!
-people who backbite me
-old small lifts!

7 random facts about me:
-just like hiyoshi I have qualms when taking pics of meself- I have this silly habit of closing my eyes!
-I like green, blue and shades of pink.
-I love doing aerobics but don't have enough time
-I come from a family of 5 girls, I am the eldest. My youngest sis is a year older than my eldest daughter!
-I have sweet-tooth.When I was pregnant with Aliah I craved for Indian sweet delicacies and poor you-know-who had to comb Jln Masjid India to search for them and I love him for that!
-Alhamdulillah I did Hajj in 2001 and would love to go again, insyallah
-I love cycling but I need to get a new bike, any sponsors? Peugeot bike ke?

Seven things I say most often:
-sakit apa?
-kahak warna apa?
-demam dah berapa hari?
-ada allergy ubat tak?
-last period bila?
-Shima (my senior staff), jadual kerja dah siap? (yes I have to follow a weekly table of which clinic to go in the morning and evenings :(
-to you-know-who: boleh I pakai PC?

Seven people that I want to tag:

Of course, I want to tag the rest of my fellow-bloggers too! Not forgetting Paul Moss!


hiyoshi said...

It's a good thing I tagged you first *chortle* Wait a it considered I tagged you, or did you tag yourself through me? Err...never mind...

I'd be really surprised if you could sleep with your eyes open. You'd be sleeping like a dolphin then.

Wow. You can stir-fry almost anything? You must be the Goddess of Cooking from Chinese mythology.

I still believe that you will go on that back-packing trip around the world. And please do remember our little promise, yeah?

dr in the house said...

Hiyoshi- Stir-fry must be the easiest cooking method man has invented. Although I claim to be able to stir everything, the outcome is a different thing :)At least there are souls out there who have faith in me backpacking, :)

Nurelhuda said...

Erks ok I ll get around to it

kenakelayan said...

Alamak main tag tag ker? Errr...

Re: swimming: Mom used to go swimming every Monday (ada class)with Adik when she was on hols, at Kompleks Sukan Indera Mahkota, during ladies' hours. Maybe you would like to join her? :)

Re: backpacking: ehehehe I somehow feel too old for that now. When me and hubby travel, we wanna go in comfort.

dr in the house said...

Nurekhuda &kenakelayan- haah dah tua2 ni teringan nak main Tag. Masa kecik dulu tak puas!

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...


These questionnaires are definitely enlightening, aren't they? Very amusing indeed :)

pycnogenol said...

Somehow or rather, I knew deep in my heart that you would come around to get me. I guess that my gut feelings were right after all T_T

Give me some time to work on it (a common excuse to get away) Hehehehe..... :)

arifah aka afie said...

I wanna go backapcing too sumtime in my life. Lets go together!!! =)

dr in the house said...

Ayumi, Pycno and Afie- yes these questionaires are good as it highlights certain salient facts about oneself and that's why Pycno is procrastinating as I believe that he is a great personality who can't expose himself,:)). Since evryone is so earnest in joining me to backpack , why don't we arrange for a 'Bloggers' Backpacking Adventure' say in 10 yrs time??

halela said...

salam ramadhan, I am totally confused.
Which one is teh real you? drroza? ikelah or dr in the house?
I see dr in the house at abbdullahJones and I am wondering is this the same dr?
anyway, happy to know you.

dr in the house said...

Halela- Sorry hubby was logged in masa tu and I didnt realize. So it was me DITH= Drroza yg buat comment at your place :) Sorry to hear about your 'sad' iftar :). Happy to know you too :))

crimsonskye said...

I see that there are quite a number of things that we have in common, esp the part hanging in the bookshops for hours =)

Abahnya stail said...

Hahahahaha... back packing jugak lagi? Besor hajat tu. Berat lagi bahu memikul. When you are ready for the day, call me. You back packing is with your pack on your back or on Ikelah`s back?
I sort of remember seing someone stopping every now and then masa buat Saie. Tu baru Saie, kalau round the world, it will be a never ending story.

Ikelah said...

hahahaha.... abahnya stail!!!!
well said... well said. itu belum masuk bab tandas; is the toilet floor clean? any smell? any animals lurking?

if in 10 years time, backpack from the hotel room to the transport...etc.

Anonymous said...

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