Friday, October 07, 2005

My Famous Backpack!

Boogey, this is my backpack that I am planning to go backpacking with. The rest of my stuff, I dah employ Sherpa straight dari Katmandu :) I'm all set!


pycnogenol said...

Yess!!!drroza we know we can trust you with the choice of backpacks. Tell you what...why dont you get each one of us the very same brand of backpack, and make it in all colours that they have available...yellow, green and red. Do they have in shocking pink as well??

I will provide each of the backpackers a pencil case each. Manalah tahu, dah penat berjalan nanti, nak rehat dan kaler-kaler.... ;))

Oh yes...I'm all set too!

dr in the house said...

:))SInce nobody is taking me serious about this backpacking thing, I thought chosing Barbie's backpack would be most appropriate!
As iKelah has pointed, I'd probably backpack from the hotel lobby to the tourist bus, :). Then nobody can accuse me of not backpacking at all!
Boogey reminded me of my Hajj experience doing the Saie. You see, we just arrived from Jeddah airport late at night and we didn't have dinner at all and everyone was enthusiastic to do umrah immediately. So yours truly, was so weak, that I had to make many pit-stops. Alhamdulillah I have a loving husband who was patient to shoulder me along patiently!

pycnogenol said...

Sorry drroza, I know I shouldnt have commented on your famous backpack, for it was meant for Boogey's eyes only. but it was SO funny looking that I just couldnt help but to post a comment immediately. ;)

So, tu cerita umrah nya.......bagi lah kawan tu makan dan tidur dulu. I can just imagine the picture of you and ikelah doing the Saie...;))

By the way, we know you are serious with this backpacking trip. So am I!!

dr in the house said...

Pycno-you know you are forever welcome to leave comments anytime:). As iFos told iKelah last night "meriahnya blog ko orang yek!?" heheh

inositol said...

With a backpack this size I think you can never reach your destination/s simply because you have to keep coming back for refills of the contents!!!!

dr in the house said...

Inositol- that's why I've hired a reliable Sherpa of Tenzing Norway's descent :))

Ikelah said...

cerita tawaf, it was first for me (not for drroza). we reached mecca at about 2am with boogey sehelai sepinggang after his bag fell off the bus.

I saw masjidil haram from afar, the urge to get the first glance of kaabah was unexplainable.
Seeing the kaabah for the first time put me into tears, at last i was able to see the real solid kaabah.

We did haji ifrad and had to do the tawaf qudum the very same day. 7 of us who had just arrived performed the tawaf with the help of a mutawif. We did 7 big circles since most of the pilgrims were already in Mecca. With all the moving, braking, pushing, pressing, swaying inwards-outwards,
we managed to finish after 2 hours. We prayed subuh and then did the saie. The trouble started after the 4/5 turns when drroza developed tightness of chest, giddy and weak. Therefore we had to do the 'tortise saie', slow and steady (not backpacking, arm sling jee).

Alhamdulillah, all went well, she recovered dramatically fast. we had our breakfast at one of the stalls after saie.
I loved all the moments during my hajj and ziarah to Medina.

Boogey was our ground crew, responsible, proactive, innovative and i highly recommended him if any of u wanted to do hajj or umrah (Sorry la.. macam buat entry pulak).

Boogey said...

Yes yes yes maybe Ikelah also enjoyed the thrilling night ride on the wheel chair from Gazzah to Khuzamah. Remember the fast ride despite the distance because we had to catch up with the mutawif who was even faster.
It was also my first haj and I lost a few kilos. Maybe I should write an entry on this. Write about Abg Boom, our jemaah who passed away in Madinah?
Actually there`s a lot I can write but am too lazy to write on my own blog. I should start put more value on my own blog.

pycnogenol said...

Ikelah, reading your comments on the tawaf just bring back all those feel good feelings to me. You are right...seeing the Kaabah for the first time is beyond description. You dont just see, you also FEEL.

Whether it was a "tortoise saie" or a "rabbit saie" you performed that day, I am sure drroza appreciates and love you more because of that simple gesture you have demonstrated. The fact that she still remember the episode up till now, speaks volumes in itself.

Teringin sangat nak pergi Mekah lagi, sekurang-kurang nya untuk Umrah. Mudah-mudahan dimakbulkan doa di bulan Ramadhan ini. InsyaAllah!!!!

pycnogenol said...

Satu lagi - I lost my hand luggage on my Hajj trip too.;)) MY new Baju Melayu was in that hand luggage, tapi seluar ada dalam bag yang satu lagi. And I still keep and wear that seluar baju melayu with kain pelikat when I go for prayers at the mosque...ambil berkat. I wouldnt dream of giving that away to anybody....ah! sentimental me!!

dr in the house said...

Aaah...alhamdulillah, gambar backpack Barbie ku ini telah menjadi inspirasi/reminisi beberapa org untuk ke Baitullah semula!

Boogey- satu malam di Mekah,
ku ronda-ronda,
naik kerusi roda,
sambil menutup muka

Boogey said...

Ikelah seronok naik kerusi roda tu. Dia teringat masa naik pram P5 turun bukit di Union Garden. Balik rumah, dah ada yang menunggu.

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