Thursday, October 13, 2005

My Own Quotable Quotes

-It's good to feel young at heart despite our growing age. Despite every wrinkle, sag and droop, we still feel smooth, taut and firm. Our youthful inner-self is so full of energy that we can take on the world anytime (even backpacking!). That's why someone amongst us here dare say that he stopped growing at 16. So I was moving around feeling just twenty-something today when the boy at the petrol kiosk asked me, "nak berapa ringgit makcik?" "Arghhh!" Suddenly I had to look into the mirror to justify his words....oh well!

-Joy is the feeling when you savour every bit of morsel upon breaking fast!.

-Joy is the feeling when you are free of the headache that was throbbing in your head for the whole day!



Nurelhuda said...

My sis in law was shopping for shoes once when the hapless shop assistant called her makcik..She stopped dead in her tracks and decided not to buy at that store!
As for me, I got used to it now..but what is real bad is when they call hubbyy abang and you makcik...I guess those SYTs see a potential somewhere in the hubby......aaargh

dr in the house said...

Yes, I too, have gotten used to being called makcik and am now waiting for the next person to call me tok :).

Yes, yes that's even worse:us makcik and hubby abang. Buta ke? hahaha. Budak2 pompuan sekarang bukan kira, tua bangka macam mana ke, mesti panggil abang. Manalah tahukan, untung sabut....

pycnogenol said...

I'm not complaining here. They ALWAYS call me abang.....dengan jeling-jeling sekali, and giggle-giggle some more!! ;))

I LOVE your no. 1 and 2 quotable quotes. Let us all challenge this youthful inner self - for how much longer it will feel smooth, taut and firm??? Ramadhan with its nightly drill of Sembahyang Tarawikh and having to wake up for Sahur, would be good perfect timing for our yearly assessment, right?? See how much longer can we continue getting perfect scores??

GOOD LUCK to everybody!!!

werq said...

Joy comes form within. living in this world is a test with lots of challenges. u know it, i know it, everybody know it. its just that we tend to forget and somethime deny to face the reality prefer to act according to our feelings.

manage stress well, recognise our role as vicegerent each with their unique role.

be proud eventhough ur called makcik and ur husband abang. in their eyes, it means that u have a young probably good looking husband that u should be thankful of. ;)
anyway good selfesteem will always make one feels young.

halela said...

worst scenario if you get young people calling your name...halela, or lela only. I get really irritated and i'll tell them to address me as acik or auntie but malay kids are more respectly about age status.
Dapat kids dari barat, suruh panggil auntie dia kata, you're not my auntie!

Queen Of The House said...

Worse also bila orang you know lebih muda dari you, call you 'adik'. It can bring on a feeling of 'perasan-ness'. :) Lagi memalukan bila young guys go phee-weet at you.

But itu dulu lah. Now I am appropriately called Kak/Kakak. SYTs at the shops sometimes panggil 'auntie' - tak apalah, must act my age.

crimsonskye said...

many people can't believe i'm my mother's daughter... they say things like, "i thought she's your older sister" to my mom!! worse, i even got someone saying about me, "ingatkan menantu" to my grandmother!!

and throughout all this, my mom is really enjoying herself... huhu

btw, i agree wholeheartedly with your quotes :)

Tok Ki Anjang said...

Apa lar riuh benor nih? Tok nak tanya sikit ni hok werq cakap ni apa ke halnya?
"be proud eventhough ur called makcik and ur husband abang. in their eyes, it means that u have a young probably good looking husband that u should be thankful of."
Abis tu orang betina ni patut rasa untung la cerdik la ada suami muda lawa orang lain pun panggil abang.
Habih tu kita yang laki ni patut rasa goner pulok orang panggil bini kita makcik?
Tu lar Tuhan tu maha mengetahui. Diberinya boleh kawin lebih. Dia tau doh orang betina ni rungsing sangat pasal rupa. Belum tua pun dah rasa tua. Baru kena panggil makcik dah terbayang orang panggil tok.
Alih alih laki dia kawin lain buke sebak dia nampak tua tapi sebab maleh melayan piil hok tu lar.

Kak Teh said...

aaah, am getting quite used to be called mak cik already! what to do? I am a makcik blogger and proud of it! hehe - anyway, this is to thank the good Dr for visiting my humble blog! selamat berpuasa!

mmp said...

Tokki teruskan, teruskan.

saya muda lagi, rasa macam baru 20. cermin kat bilik air saya sering kelabu sebab banyak percikan ubat gigi. hahahaha

kenakelayan said...

People think I am a teenager here. But not Malaysians, they can usually guess my real age... huhuhu
Having a husband who is actually younger than you (okla only 3 months what) but also looks so much younger (macam 5-7 years younger) pun jadik tension jugak. Naib baik sekarang sudah simpan facial hair so taklah nampak macam budak baru lepas SPM :)

dr in the house said...

Pycno- you orang famous mestilah org jeling2 and giggle2 :)

iKelah - thank you for the advice

Tok Ki Anjang- esok tolak dari rumah pukul berapa? Jgn lambat sngt takut tak sempat nak menggulai kambieng tu.

Halela- But I thought kat Jepun youngsters still hormat org tua kan?

QOTH- memang pon perasan :). Each time a patient who looks younger than me but addresses herself as kakak, I would swiftly search for her age in the data, heheh, Pantang!

Crimson- tulah pasal, ada org kata my daughters are my siters and yet they still call me makcik...heheh..conflicting betul

Kak Teh- Thanks for dropping by. The pleasure is all mine. Mine is the humble one!

UIPTS- cermin kita sama lah, hehhe

Keknekelayan- don't worry, you'll always look 'ceria' and 'mude'

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...


Hoho.. People always told me that I look like someone's mom.. Maybe I look older that how I feel.. hahaha.. I enjoyed reading the quotes :)

dr in the house said...

Ayumi- waalaikum salam. Looking motherly is attractive :p

inositol said...

Whether they call me Mak Cik or Kakak, you can try to figure that out from my SEVEN - finally. Jemput ke rumah?

Anonymous said...

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