Thursday, October 27, 2005

Latest From Balakot

26/10/05 11.55pm: Masa di sini dah 2 strong tremor and 3 minor. Kesemuanya cause landslide and sinking of roads. 1 strong and 2 weak at camp. The rest we were at Mansehra. I am in moble team. Dr Wan stays in camp tx and dressings. I make contacts with ither NGO. Main route Naran Road, travel 15 km, 5 km short to Kawai, blocked, major landslide. Help Al Khidmat with clinic. Supply tents, shawls n donate power generator.

26/10/05 ,9pm: Hari ni tak gi moble ke Kawai. Stayed at camp and distribute tents. Berebut tapi ada yg kita tak beri sebab utamakan yg dari gunung, mereka jalan more than 2 days nak reache Balakot for help. Area ni 80K to 100K families homeless. 1 family ada 8 to 10 members. Supply makan ok. tents tak cukup. Winter ni tak tahu la nak shelter kat mana. Skang main share khemah. Budak2 pon turun gunung tlg family cari khemah etc. Tak da tremor hari ini. Debu kuat dari landslide.

27/10/05, 3.55 am: Pagi ni nak ke Batgram and Alai. Tgh hari ke Balakot semula utk distribute tents. Air muka ceria bebenor bila dpt tent. Depa ni jln in grps bila balik ke mountains sbb ada rimau kawasan tu. Sini subuh kol 5 am. Iftar kol 5.30pm. Sini banyak Bakri. Kita kerap bebakri kat sini. Getting cloder esp at nite. Hari tu hujan. Ada snow kat mountain. Air dia sejuk gila even siang esp kalau tak kena sun.


Paul Moss said...

Pictures explain better than words. Impatiently waiting for your shots from the region. Let`s see whether the d50 can capture the various emotions. Heard sunrise are very enchantingly beautiful from the mountains. Wonder what sort of composition can you create with such contrast.

Nurelhuda said...

Bakri tu aper?

dr in the house said...

Paul- I thot P5 didn't lend him the D50 but only the old camera?

Nurelhuda- Beats me :) Tak sempat tanya lagi....hehe but knowing iKelah, there's a probable chance that it's got to do with lambs...:))

pycnogenol said...

I am still trying to figure what the picture was all about. All those clothes? And the men, what were they looking at? And what about the car?
And of course Bakri. Is that the name ikelah give to kambing biri-biri?

dr in the house said...

That pic I took from a News Site. It shows the victims lining up for aid. Th clothes are those 'thrown' by the Aid groups from choppers and trucks. I guess they must have strewn them around to search for something that can keep them warm. Clothes they have excess. food ok. But tents they badly need.

Bakri? Tak sempat tanya. You see, I can't call or message him. Only he can. So I have to wait till he calls again :). But I can contact the President in KL to get hold of him in case of emegency.

crimsonskye said...

i get shivers even while reading this... imagine being in the winter without a shelter.

Paul Moss said...

Oh yes? The old what`z the name cookpix only? What a waste. Well then, during raya, please remind me to bancuh the pulled tea on P5`s tengkuk for goodness sake.

dr in the house said...

Paul- Yes the coolpix. Ikelah said baik dia guna camcoder dia jek, hehe buat berat jek bawak extra. Ingat hari tu dia kata nak pulangkan jek.

Anonymous said...

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