Sunday, October 16, 2005


This is to say thanks to Kenakelayan, Pycnogenol, Nurelhuda, iKelah and Inositol (in order of response) for their responses to my tag! You five are have shown great camaraderie in this blogsphere of ours! Keep it up! To the other two whom I have tagged but haven't shown any slightest sign to ever response, "kalau kawe tahu awok tak nak respon, kawe tag orang lain :p"

To all you five great people, let's toast to a glass of teh tarik! Hmm, nothing tastes better than a glass of good ol teh tarik!


The other of the other two said...

I know one of the other two who haven`t responded to your tag. He thought he is responding by adding comments but only now he realize that`s not considered as responding. It`s something else which he is yet to discover. Till he knows what is tag and how to responding to a tag, you just tag someone else. What to do. As Mawi said, malas la pikir pikir, boleh je lah.

pycnogenol said...

Dont mention. The pleasure has all been mine.
That long, tall glass of teh tarik heaped with bubbles look really delicious. Thanks for the suggestion. Now you know what I'll be having for berbuka....Plain steaming-hot white rice with daging masak patprik, washed down with a tall glass of perfect teh tarik...yum...yum..

dr in the house said...

Boogey- Bila kawe tag awok tu, maknanya awak kena la buat list yg sama, semua come in sets of 7. Tu je, tak payah pikir dalam2 pon. Mawi pon bole buat. Takan awok tak daya!

Pycno- Yesterday attended berbuka puasa with anak yatim di IKIP cafe. They had a tank of TT, and I pulled the tea by aiming the glass lower down far from the tank-tap, producing a frothy TT!

pycnogenol said...

Oh yes...frothy IS the word there. And you sure have been successful at making it appear as perfect TT - even better than the ones served at Mamak Stalls !!

You guys carry with you the camera every where you go,eh?

butternyk said...

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bergen said...

Nice entry.

Nurelhuda said...

Oh dear! Now I have to go to the kitchen and make myself a glass of teh tarikkkk!

Anonymous said...

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