Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Short Ramadhan Advice

Ramadhan is a truly blessed month. There are many goodness in it, known and unknown to us. Let's observe the coming Ramadhan with full conviction, more khusyuk in our ibadah and avoid things that may lessen our reward. For instance, we can try reading the Quran a page or two a day(the more the better of course), say, after fajr prayers. Then at other time, we can try reading the translation of what we've read. Read more books or surf websites pertaining to Islam to widen our horizon of knowledge regarding our beloved religion. This is the monthe of sadaqah, meaning , Allah swt will give bountiful rewards if we give charity in this particular month (not that we are not encouraged to do it in other months, no) And remember that sadaqah can be in various forms besides money and food. To help others, giving good advice,a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand or even a warm smile, these are all sadaqah. Observe sabr. Yes, be patient in what ever we do and whatever predicaments we face and of course the usual drill, not to gorge on food when we break fast and not to splurge when we go to pasar Ramadhan.

In essence, Ramadhan is like an 'open' institution that we go every year for a month. An institution to cleanse our physical and souls. A month of tarbiyah (training)to make us better and stronger muslims for the next 11 months to come. So let us not allow this Ramadhan to pass through meaninglesly.

For the non-muslims, why not join us for a day or two to experience the miraculous joy of Ramadhan? Why, you can even join us for iftar!

During Ramadhan, I would advice my patients on several things. The following are some of them. Maybe iKelah and Nurelhuda have more to add.

Those with Gastritis
-Sahur is a must and take it late.
-eventhough not in current pain, take medications as preventive measures especially during sahur
-avoid hot, spicy, sour food no matter how tempting those food look during iftar.
-lots of plain water.

Those with renal stones
-half/one glass of plain water evey hour after iftar till you sleep. It's ok if you urinate more. At least you keep it diluted and avoid new stone formation. This is to replenish the water you lack at day time.

-take your medications when breaking fast if it's a daily dose.
-discuss with your doctor how to adjust your insulin dose if you're on insulin.
-eat smart, don't binge on high calorie food when breaking fast. It's ok to take a small proportion of anything sweet as your first bite.
-lots of plain water too

-medications to be adjusted at iftar, bedtime and sahur if it's t.d.s. dose. If mild to moderate then keep to b.d dose which is more convenient.
-there's a fatwa saying inhalers are allowed during the day (please re-confirm) so if you have attacks during the day, keep inhalers by your side.

Those On Antibiotics
-if you need to be on Antibiotics, request on bd (12hrly) dosing Antibiotics like Bactrim (if you have no allergy towards it) or Zinnat or a daily dosing ones like Zithromax
-try not to forget taking it cause you have to wait another 14 hrs to take it and it may render ineffective then.

Those with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
if you have IBS, avoid food from pasar ramadhan and leftovers. Eat freshly cooked food. Be kind and your tummy /body will be kind to you


pycnogenol said...

You have done well drroza with this sadaqah of advice on the first day of Ramadhan.

Thank you and may Allah bless you and family - always.

Queen Of The House said...

Some well-needed advice, drroza. Thanks. Husband with IBS, one daughter prone to gastritis (half day puasa usually perut dah berangin & nak muntah-muntah) and one asthmatic son. I hope puasa this year they will all be okay.
ME - since my student days, my stomach makes loud growling noises whenever I am hungry. Can't hide the sound, kena senyum ajelah bila bunyi kuat sangat.

kenake said...

Jazak Allah khairan kathira for the advice... semoga saya berjaya melaksanakannya... amiiin.

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan to you and your family... kucing2 puasa sekali tak?

dr in the house said...

Pycno- buka apa hari ini? Beloved masak apa?

QOTH- Perut you bunyi ke hari ni?

Kenake-erk, shortform ke? Kucing? Haah puasa gak, depa buka puasa dgn fillet ayam rebus mixed with IAMS biscuits perisa seafood..hmmm sedapnya...bulan puasa ni biskut kucing pun nampak cam gourmet food, hehhe

hiyoshi said...

Thanks for the advice. Maybe I can pass it on to my non-medical friends.

So, what was the first dish prepared for the first day of As-Saum? *grin*

pycnogenol said...

Drroza - Dates and fruit juice as starters, followed with white rice and chicken curry, daging masak kicap and vegetables.

Beloved need not necessarily be staying with me, and even if she is, does not necessarily mean that she cooks.

Guess you still have to keep on guessing my status. Bukan apa, teka teki bulan Ramadhan. So, what did you cook for ikelah for berbuka semalam?

Queen Of The House said...

drroza, hehehe bunyi juga sikit-sikit. Petang lagi kuat. But then, bila puasa, kurang pulak bunyinya.

abdullahjones said...


Nurelhuda said...

Histamine H2 antagonists like cimitidine really help those with gastritis to fast.
Some of my patients call it the ubat tahan puasa

dr in the house said...

Hiyoshi and Pycno- was working so could only cook a dish-Sweet Sour Tenggiri

QOTH-So dah habis shopping kat Giant?

AJ- senyum tu sbb dapat ilham nak tulis exra-unggu-cinta luarbiasa sequel ke?

Yes Nurelhuda, H2 antagonists are the mainstay of tx for Gastritis: Ranitidine, Famotidine. For bad cases, can add on proton pumps: Omeprazole etc. Usually advice them to take MMT, Famotidine at sahur as preventive measures

Queen Of The House said...

Drs .... those medications you mentioned, ok for kids tak? I can imagine the GP wondering apa pulak this layman memandai2 if I go asking for these meds. Ooops I didn't mean to ask for free consultaion!

Shopping - selagi dok makan, selagi tu lah tak habis shopping!

kenakelayan said...

Hehehe, tertekan publish button. Daging masak kicap - among the 1st dishes I cooked for my beloved masa muda2 dulu. Ahaks. Betul tu Pycnol, beloved tak semstinya staying together. Sigh.
1st(?) day puasa: Qabuli Afghan with chicken/lamb (ikelah eat ur heart out). yum.
2nd(?) day puasa: Bengali fish curry with spinach. yum gaks.
3rd(?) day puasa: Fish curry semalam kot. :) yum lagik kot.

Ikelah said...


sedap tu.... tak ape... nanti kita nak masak bubur lambuk.... pucuk paku merah+ daun kadok + daun kunyit + pucuk keledek/labu + daun selasih + daun kesom + isi ikan masin talang + isi kerisi/kembong bakar + ikan bilis tumbuk + ayam cincang.... letak serbuk lada hitam etc.... best.

actually baru plannng... tak cukup bahan in the kitchen to cook this bubur lambuk. maybe this coming saturday.

dengar ur hubby nak ke lowyat ptg ni <---info fom p5 who just got back from kerteh.

Nurelhuda said...

Ni apa nih? Posa dok ingat nak makan jer?

Selamat berbuka puasa :-)

kenakelayan said...

ikelah: hek eleh. kat sini ada bubur lambuk version dgn LAMB lagik. :) selamat mencari bahan for bubur lambuk.. don't forget pucuk 'miding' (bak kata org ganu). re: lowyat: my hubby nak belikan himself and meself .. jeng jeng jeng.. tungguuu! may Allah increase all our rizq this Ramadhan and beyond.. amiin..

nurelhuda: makan? unfortunately the nafs is alive and kicking! *goes n chases the nafs with a broom and tries to beat it to submission..*

ifos said...

A'kum... hehehe. rindu la bubur lambuk. td kitorang bukak puasa sume goreng je... nasi goreng, ayam goreng, telur goreng, cheese goreng. haha. First day Ramadhan diarrhoea plak tuh. tsk. pastu tadi ade excursion- ronda seluruh city and mother of russia. 2nd day dah visit actually statue gabak tu. hujan renyai2. dah la tgh hari tu ade physical training, kene lari keliling gym stretching lah sume, then played volleyball. letih gle!!!! the weather's getting colder, daun2 pun byk dah mule gugur... heheh. aritu beli payung rm50!!! mengarut je harge. konon2 paling kukuh la against the strongest of winds. pape la. Hehe buat entry plak la kat sini... oops.

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan to everyone =)

dr in the house said...

QOTH- how old is your daughter? Kalau 8-12 can take half the adult dose.

ikelah & kenekelayan- :),come november, kita nak suruh kenakelayan buat kenduri 'lamb', menu nya semua berasaskan 'lamb', heheh

nurelhuda- depa berdua ni kemaruk 'lamb'. Tu sebab tak habis cerita 'lamb'. Lepas makan duduk tersandar sambil burp bunyi 'mmbekk'

iFos- please take care of those knees of yours. Pakai knee guard tu. Kuih raya dah tempah , harap dapat pos cepat. jgn jadi mcm tahun lepas Sarah makan kuih raya lepas Raya! Plz eat balanced!

inositol said...

I want to add a bit more on this favourite topic of food. I finally had a taste of wong solo roasted chicken, yehhh!!! And when? Just a day before Ramadhan, as promised (to myself la). This is the real "finger licking good", not the KFC.

Afie911 said...

Talking about FOOD. =)

Boogey said...

I want to see all those dishes on the 15th Oct. kat rumah abah.
Bubur lambuk pun nak jugak masa berbuka.

Paul Moss said...

I have gastrititis and taking late sahur . What if I miss my sahur and in the afternoon start getting distress signals. What should I do? Advisable to take the risk and continue puasa or to break the fast?
I have a history taking the risk and ended up bad with an Italian chick called Melena for a few days.
What should I do? Wouldn`t mind if Melena is pretty but she`s not and it`s fasting month, not good too.

dr in the house said...

Hey Paul, when did you convert? Gastritis with melena, not a good sign. It means perforated ulcer and need to be admitted, nil orally (fasting again!), NG tube and dripped.

kenakelayan said...

Bolehh lamb party... Ikelah kena sponsor lambnyer... hehehehe

Ifos: kena stop convert currency kalau tak u will never live in peace. Think in .. er what is it? Roubles? My 1st umbrella yang kononnye tahan angin (mmg betul pun) harga lebih kurang RM50 gaks. Harga standard tuh. Tak try makan local food for iftar?

Paul & DrRoza: I remember 1 argument dgn housemate on how to spell melena/melaena. heh.

crimsonskye said...

These are certainly useful knowledge =) None of my family members actually have any of it, but I could pass it around to those who do.

Ramadhan kareem!

dr in the house said...

kenakelayan- tak pon kita 'pau' lamb dari kebun papa orang tu!:))
Melena or Melaena are both accepted just like edema and oedema. One is American and the other British. Melena: black tarry stools, due to upper G.I.T bleed, usually perforated ulcer.

Crimson- Alhamdulillah everyone is sihat. Terawikh di mana? Masjid Labuan?

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...


Thank you doctor!! :)

Paul Moss said...

Hey Doc, I was given some siatsu massage on my abdomen, antihistamin tabs and some antacids only. Not warded though. Was given some good advice and taboos. Was good again and broke off with the Italian chick the next day but they were oral medications and advice was to take frequent but small meals which eventually became frequent but big meals for a prosperous belly.
So if I miss my sahur, and get the signals do I wait for the chick or should I just call the day? Would it be sin and not braving through it make me a weak muslim?

dr in the house said...

Paul,Paul,Paul...siatsu massage should never be given on the abdomen or you'll end up with intra-abdominal hemorrhage. AntiHistamines are for allergy and running nose. The drug for gastritis is H2 antagonists. No wonder it didnt work. But Paul the last time I saw you on MI, your belly looked firm, non like a prosperous chinese taukey. If the chick comes, of course you should call it a day and get admitted!

paul Moss said...

You met be before?

Paul Moss said...

I know P5, boogey, Werq @Ikelah @ikan @Agraiv from some years back. They are all photo enthusiast like me except that I do it for a living.

dr in the house said...

Paul, I didnt say 'meet'. I said 'see'. Anyway PaulMoss, it's high time you change your nick to Paul Lumut :))

Paul Moss said...

Hey! I`m not admitting anything to the chick or anybody.
Ok I can see you are organizing a celebration there just because I said "meet" and not "see".

Boogey said...

Aik? POL3R ke ni? Still in RTM ke?

Anonymous said...

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