Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Beautiful Bracelet From Istanbul

By now, you should all be familiar with Boogey, my beloved BIL. He used to be a native of Istanbul. He studied and worked there for 16 years. Recently, he went 'balik kampung' to this beautiful, exotic and partly medieval city (how do I know since I haven't been there, you asked? Well, some writers can describe a city beautifully and so far, the vision I get of Istanbul is explicitly breathtaking and I can't wait to set eye on the Blue Mosque....hmm insyallah when my backpacking tour gets kicked off!)

The bracelet above, he bought for me whilst he was there. Rather heavy but I think it's beautiful and eye-catching. And it makes a good conversational piece. So for those easily tongue-tied individuals, take heed. Next time, going for a social meet, wear something extraordinary and you'll have no problem starting a chat!

To Boogey, thank you for remembering me in your travels.

p.s. this bracelet has an exquisite background. Maybe Boogey can enlighten us?


Boogey said...


I must say I was very surprised. Never expected to see that bracelet in here. Glad you liked it. Yes Istanbul is a very beautiful city and perfect for photography freaks like Paul Moss, Ikelah and P5. The people are also very warm and easy to approach. If I remember correctly DITH got to enter Raudhah during her Haj with some assistance from a group of Turkish pilgrims.

Queen Of The House said...

I must say that's a much more interesting-looking piece compared to my Swarovski crystal bracelets. I kinda like stringing beads and crystals myself.

So what's the story behind that piece?

Nurelhuda said...

DITH Nice bracelet! I have a basketful myself! QOTH I have the same hobby too. String em for the hubby and sons too!
Boogey , I went for Haj way back in 86, quite easy back then to pray at Raudhah but they limit the time

bergen said...

Lookin' good, ma'am. G'dye.

Boogey said...

It`s an old Turkish tradition going back to many hundred years ago (even older than some stories told to tourists) to wear or hang a piece of blue stone with a white circle and dark centre just like an eye to protect against the evil eye. It`s called a nazar bonjuk. Macam penolak bala. It is a widely practised tradition for newborn babies to be presented by relatives, neighbours and friends with a small gold coin and a nazar boncuk attached to express ones love and care so that the baby will grow healthy, rich and also protected against evil. I don`t know how it works or whether the evil eye have anything to do with the USD 1 but it`s a beautiful souvenier to bring home and so is the girl I bought it from. One thing we learn now is it does give some protection against tight tongue.
If you notice, on the hanging coin theres a diagram called `Thura` shaped like the arabic alphabet `Tho`. It was the offical shape for the amblem of the Ottoman empire. This shape can also be seen in the old part of Masjid Nabawi because Hijaz used to be governed under Ottoman rule until the British took over and handed it to the Suud family.
Nurulhuda, they still limit the time for raudhah especially for women.

arifah said...

Nice one! Get me one when u go bakcpacking. Hehhe. =)

Restless said...
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Restless said...

That explains the prominent black dots in the centre of the red balls; like an eye at constant watch over you.

Nurelhuda said...

Don t let the *w* people hear your explanation , they will shout khurafat etc and etc ...keh keh keh ...
I got a call from one newly converted *w* and he asked me about my crystal bracelets and what each crystal meant I firmly told him they mean nothing and I wear them because they look nice..had I tried to explain that crystals as are all created things including language letters and symbols are all God's creation and as God's creation have energy that God allowed these created things to have..I am very sure he was going to shout shirik in my ear ouch!

2wenty3hree said...

they look very beautiful. and yes, a piece of eye-catching self ornament makes very good ice breakers. :)

crimsonskye said...

i love bracelets like this; my friend got me a green one when she went on a holiday. though i rarely wear bracelets i really like them... so pretty and all and they make perfect keepsakes :)

turkey is indeed a country i'd like to go on my world tour... in fact, istanbul would the next city after makkah and madinah.

pycnogenol said...

Drroza, you should have taken a close-up pic of that bracelet first and get us all to guess what it is.
Pycno dah gian dapat prize for "teka-tricky"..heheh ;)

nurul bahiyah said...

u've got nice vein. easy to put up an IV line...i read your blog. it's nice.

dr in the house said...

Thanks for the detailed story about the bracelet. Now I have to consciously tell myself this is not a tangkal (amulet)each time I wear it!
I have so many stories about beautiful Raudhah. Maybe I should blog about it next time huh.

I bought a light green Swarovski crystal bracelet in KK (yeah KK..hehhe)...they're a beauty to look at. . I don't wear gold jewelleries that much but ornamental pieces like crystals I prefer anytime!

how come I don't see you wear em that day? We must exchange our Raudhah stories eh?

Already in Penang with Aunt SU?

Insyallah! Why didn't drop by for Raya?

Buy nice bracelets in Glasgow..:))

I find it hard when I talk with friends who are 'w' converts. I am not like you to I end up looking as tho I agree...*sigh*

But the thing is then when the 'ice-breaker' is on your wrist, and every eye is looking at it, you'll start feeling so conscious of yourself and perhaps uneasy? heheh

Don't keep em, wear em when you go out. Especially when you see those people who gave em to you. I for one, like to see ppl wearing the gifts I gave em lest I feel they dont appreciate em!
We go to Istanbul together? Sponsored by Pycno? No? hehe

kawe dah penat buat teka tricky-
awok pulak la...hehe..janji hadiah mesti best..better than ayam Wong Solo about 10 days trip to Istanbul for 2?

NB- aiiya! You are suppose to focus on the bracelet, not the veins...heheh...ikelah would also frequently look at it and say the same..btw I was once a BB m.o. in GHKL ...u doing Masters?

AuntyN said...

Just been here, nice to know there is another lady blogger who is a mother as well. Will try to be here some more.

Beautiful bracelet, it is.

2wenty3hree said...

you'll start feeling so conscious of yourself and perhaps uneasy

lol. work it then. heheh. but you have nice hands, so its basically ok when people do peek close. :D

P5 said...

dith, nice bracelet. you might want some skin moisturizer too. seems your skin needs some moisturizing.

btw, that bracelet nak kena brasso ke utk kasi kilat? boogey is an expert with brasso.

Arifah said...

Drroza, we spent our raya in Kedah, sorry for not informing!! It was a last minute change of plans.. =)

Insyaallah, if Iil find sum time to visit u during my holidays, although im not so sure bout that too coz my parents wll be going for hajj this decemebr so, i need to babaysit. Hehhe.

dr in the house said...

AuntyN- Thanks for coming.

23- thanks for the compliments!

P5- thanks for the tip. P5, another beloved BIL who is ever full of advice and tips for me.

Afie- Plz send my salam to your mum. I ask Allah swt to grant her and ur dad, Haji mabrur. And as for you, may Allah ease you as you have eased your parents for the great ibadat!

Boogey said...


I have quite a number of 'w' friends also, Saudis and graduates from there. They are very much aware of my opinion to their what i call new mazhab of nil mazhab.

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