Monday, November 28, 2005

Scrumptious Kuih Cara

I love going to blogs that depict pictorial steps of making a dish. Some have managed to make the whole process of cooking a rather elaborate dish look so easy and 'do-able' for people like me who prefer simple and fast cooking like stir-frying!

Below is a pictorial recipe of 'Kuih Cara Manis' which is best taken hot and downed with a cup of hot tea on a balmy evening on the verandah, with the sea-breeze puffing gently in the air.

Kuih Cara is a Malay delicacy that uses a flour mixture and is cooked in a patterned iron or brass mould that can make 8 in a go. This kuih comes in 2 varieties, you can make it plain sweet, just by dropping some sugar in the center or savoury, by adding a mixture of spiced minced meat mixture.

Here is an authentic recipe of Kuih Cara Manis. You can be sure of getting good results if followed correctly unlike some recipes you get in some Malay magazines. Yes, I have been duped many a time by those half-hearted recipes ! I believe we Malays have this bad habit of not wanting to part with our knowledge especially old traditional recipes. Thus, when they give out those recipes, they would purposely miss out one or two ingredients or one or two vital steps in the methods! Sheesh!


125 gm plain flour (cap wau can do)
250 ml santan (buy the commercially prepared ones, easy)
1 egg
a tinge of green color
a dash of salt
sugar to sprinkle in the centre (about 1/4 tsp for each kuih)


1. Mix all the ingredients together, manually. You don't need a mixer for this. If the mixture is not smooth, kindly strain.
2. Meanwhile heat up the mould on the stove. Slather it with some cooking oil to prevent sticking

3. Place a ladle-ful of the mixture to almost fill each mould

4- Sprinkle about 1/4 tsp of sugar in the center of each mixture

5. Cover and cook about 5 mins or till it browns.

p.s. Such coincidence!!Has has entred a similar entry on Lepat Pisang Acheh. Her entry is better as it is made from her own grown pisang and kelapa. And her kitchen is comparable to Martha Stewart's!! Mine is so mediocre!!!


Queen Of The House said...

Fool proof & fail proof? I must try then because my kids love this kuih (sweet version, we use sugar+condensed milk) but I cannot make it well. Malas pun ada ler jugak, sebab leceh. So they eagerly wait for my mom to come (or when we balik kampung) and pester their Tok Mummy to make it for them. I prefer the savoury version. Yang beli punya selalu tak sedap, but the ones yang dijual in front of the mamak store (beside the SPCA) at Ampang Jaya boleh tahan sedap.

dr in the house said...

Definitely fool and fail proof! hehhe...Hey you sure know all the spots for good eat-outs huh!

Insyallah kalau ada time nak try the Thai Fair tu!

Has said...

Dear Roza,

heh heh heh,, kamu yang buat ker, or maid kamu. So kita semalam dok kerja keras buat kueh melayu dan aceh ler yer. Nanti kita collaborate and buat buku bergambar.

satu lagi, kueh cara bila kita hidang kena tindan dua. Bontot kueh cara you garing ye, he he, satu cara nak bakar, bubuh loyang dia dalam oven dan pasang heat dia atas dan bawah, so kueh masak serata, macam orang dulu2 bakar guna loyang yang dia orang letak sabut terbakar bawah dan atas.

bab pohon buahan i tu, pisang nangka no challenge, masa durian punya season, alahai, bengkok tuku dapur I sebab tiap2 petang kacau lepuk. My princip is not to let the fruits from my compound go to waste, sebab rasanya macam tak appreciate God given goodies. Nak beri orang buah tak elok sangat, tapi kalau convert to kueh, aduhh ada orang nak tempah pula, keh, keh, keh.

dr in the house said...

Eh, Has you ni psychic habisss ada ESP...

Nak tempah kuih free leh tak?

Has said...

Dear Roza,

fasal jempot rumah, nanti i buat jamuan virtual, he he he, jumpa tak best ler, ca'ya dok? Excitement tak maintain orang kata.

rumah lawa, tuan rumah kena kerja keras, dia tak spontaneously jadi lawa, kena gilap, kena mop & polish, kena tend to garden, kena bersih pond.

Nanti panas sikit i ambil gambar pond, he he he, tengok pun takut, semak, sebabnya musim macam ni susah nak bersihkan.

Tapi berkat kerja keras, tuan rumah body pun steady keh, keh, keh.

Queen Of The House said...

DITH, yes go to the Thai Fair and you'll also get to brush up on your Thai language since the vendors are all authentic Thai mari, although I don't know from which part of Thailand.

Oh ya ... yaaa pasal makan, hee hee ... some friends and I made up a makan-makan list for KL. For Penang pun ada. This is especially for those staying overseas and coming back, nak lepas geram, but the lists work well for food lovers too. You & iKelah suka makan?

Has said...


Your ingredients kan, instead of PAS color, add kuning telur colour, then blend the whole mixture and seive it. This batter can be use to make roti jala.

However for great taste, the proportion of salt to flour is 1 teasp level to 4 cups level of flour. This proportion can be generalised to pastry, bread, cucur ke apa2 yang sewaktu dengannya.

dr in the house said...

QOTH- you bet we love to eat! That's why the increase in waistline! Yeah I might just practice my Thai there and make a fool of myself! hehe

Has- Thanks for the tips. Yes I also can make roti jala....:)
Btw...I tak larat lah mencangkul and what nots..macam mana nak gardening? I bet you pakai gardener!

crimsonskye said...

we usually have the savoury kuih cara with the minced meat. btw i could finish all those kuih cara in the pic all by myself, but of course, i wouldn't ;)

how many kuih cara the batter could provide?

nurul bahiyah said...

there's another version of this kuih cara, but they put ayam la sayur la..i prefer this one. sekali ngap aje masuk dalam mulut... glup glup!!!

Em said...

Wah u so domestic today...

Btw I still wanna do the Hot Yoga tingy...

anggerik merah said...

Look so yummy...misss I really misss...But don have the acuan to make here.

2wenty3hree said...

re malaysian recipe tu, i have to agree. sebab tu, according to my mum,

"kalau nak try recipe baru, the english cook book, i dont mind, kalau yang melayu tu, pandai2 lah. mesti tak jadi kalau ikut step by step, sebab ada step yang tak ada kat situ"

btw, i love kuih cara (the sweet version) and usually my mums the one with enough patience to do enough for a family of 8. sorang chop nak makan 20 biji (?) each. Hehe.

dr in the house said...

Crimson- never really counted as once cooked it will be swallowed in an instance by hungry wolves .ehheh!

Em- Me can be domestic if me want to but me usually prefer to laze around, hehhe

Anngerik- you could always improvise- carilah mana acuan2 besi susun atas hot plate and bakar atas stove..why you could even use the muffin pans but get the smallest ones and just fill the base

23- tu lah memang cepat habis--sbb kecik and you can never have your mom pon ada experience kena tipu dek resepi magazine melayu ek? Kenapa recipe mag omputeh lebih tulus dan mulus ye? hehhe

pycnogenol said...

Tentang kuih cara ni, tak reti nak komen lah. I can never EVER imagine Bea in the kitchen, preparing kuih kecil-kecil dan comel-lote, that goes down heavenly with a cup of hot tea.....

easylady said... nak tryni.Boleh buat roti jala lagi dengan tips HAS.Kalau jadi nanti kita kasi tau..

dr in the house said...



P5 said...

doth, so tomorrow i can stop by and try out ur kuih cara? ahahaha... or make sure ikelah brings some to his saltmine as im stopping by there.

next issue, kuih akak? puteri mandi? badak berendam? tepung pelita? my fav kuih koci!

dr in the house said...



nurul bahiyah said...

kuih cara ni bukan ke sepatutnya kaler hijau? nape dalam gambar tu kaler dia kuning? adakah silap penataan cahaya barangkali?

dr in the house said...


Ikelah said...

nak color lawa dan realistic utk pc, above average graphic card dan setting penting. jgn pakai onboard graphic card. keperluan tambahan termasuk the monitor and the memory of the card.

lagi satu, nak beri kaler, warnakan kat photoshop, ni cara murah kalau pakai perisian lanun, which most of us r using. ;)

easylady said...

Wa ta lak pandai blogging.Komen blog olang pandaile.Anyway I am your junior 3 yrs in UKM.

AuntyN said...

Nak kena try ni. My mak had been mentioning kuih cara manis so many times. I remeber frying them when I was younger. Mak is looking for the acuan from her home for me. Then again I may just buy a new one. My girls will do the frying after I make the batter. Thanks Doc.

Boogey said...

My favourite is kueh seri muka. Second is kueh lapis. Boleh makan selapis selapis. Kueh koci pun boleh jugak? So...nak tengok ur schedule lah, boleh timing.

dr in the house said...

Easylady- batch Julie Mohd Ngah and Mahanum ye?

AuntyN- jadi maintain bibik tu lagi ke?

Boogey- Ada blogger Count Byron baru balik Istanbul, dia kata sana kat airport teruk kena check badan spread eagle, hehe

Em said...


In case u wanna find more domestic inspiration

She has some of the nicest recipes online...

Check it out wen u hv time..

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Alamak.. I want to try this recipe, but I don't have the 'acuan' stuff. Is there any other way?

Thanks for sharing btw.

Dr O2 said...

a doctor who can cook well is exceptionally rare. It is a gift most lose during the process :-) well done dr. The looks is great, will tell U abt the taste as soon as I try it out.

Has said...

Tau buat kueh talam tak? Mengidam kueh talam ler, ni menyesal tak makan kueh talam kat La cucur semalam.

Nak gi KL lagi, nanti try kaji bila makan, dan balik rumah nanti I try, kalau j'di I taruk kat blog.

chi u


dr in the house said...

Em - thanks for the URL...dah pakai Anna Sui's lipstick tu? Merah nya mak ooi!

Ayumi- better get the acuan proper..berlambak kat supermarket or pasar melayu...mintak mak beli...mak mesti tahu...murah je,,:)

Dr o2---can you get the mould over there, wherever you are?

Has- kuih talam banyak variety kan? Yang warna coklat ke? You ni asyik travel sebenar duduk mana?

Has said...


I duduk atas ponggong, he he he.
Fasal kueh tu, sekali makan kat La Cucur, warna dia hijau kat bawah and putih kat atas, bukan seri muka sebab seri muka pulut putih kat bawah, atas kepala santan hijau.

Then yesterday, i tengok bawah dia choklet and atas santan putih. Mana2 ler, kalau you boleh buat step by step with pictures, sebab rasanya dua2 pun sedap.

OOD said...

i like the serving plate best. Sawi, like so world like that!

dr in the house said...

Has- Lupa you're in KT kan!

Ood- trust you to make fun of my plate! Sawi world ek! Btw pinggan tu mahal tau beli kat Harrods tau, kehkeh

Em said...


Anna Sui tu eyeliner

yang lain semua gloss je

mana yg merah ah

Count Byron said...

Bogey..betul kata Dr Roza tu!

Tak tau la kalau org lain dia orang tak minat nak spread! But I was not amused! :)

Thanks Dr. I love your blog.. nak kena baca habih2 ni!

Thanks for your kind visits..

Nurelhuda said...

Haaa biler you ader maser untuk masssakkk aaah??I m behind with my blogging and have taken up a new passion eheheh will tell about it later...just came back from a one week sojourn in KL

P5 said...

BUURRRPPPPPP...!!! alhamdulillah.

Boogey said...

Count Byron,
Spread eagle kena meniarap atas lantai ke?
Agaknya orang tu or relative dia ke pernah bercuti ke Malaysia kot n dah kena ketuk ketampi kat balai polis PJ.
Dia balas balik la kot at random.

werq said...

boogey! ranking 1497, dah berapa ranking?

kueh cara ni pakaingula, manis, bagus utk membuncitkan perut, prosperous!

Count Byron said...

Boogey..thanks.. Tak sampai meniarap atas lantai..that's why the entry said 'spread eagle'.. perhaps it should have been "star spangled'

Thanks for the explanation behind the issue :)

I rake through your entries.. tak ada on Turkey? Have I missed anything?

Has said...

pingan sawi tu taruk sawi goreng baru ngam. bila nak sahut cabaran buat kueh koci? he he or kueh talam.

kat sini hari tu i beli, ingat putu piring, lepas tu ingat dia orang salah taruk tepung pulut, dah nak buang dah, tapi jiran kata tu putu yang susah nak cari, putu halba, di buat dari ubi kayu, inti manisan dan halba.

mula2 dah nak buang, sekarang dok teringat nak beli lagi, orang kata tak kenal maka tak cinta.

kalau ada ubi boleh cuba buat sendiri.

Anonymous said...

Has,do you always do that? You buy and when you don't like, you throw away? Tak baik tau membazir. Tak tengok program BersamaMu di TV3 ke?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kuih cara recipe :) I'm a Sabahan living in Australia, and I've been looking for an easy-to-follow recipe for this kuih for ages... I don't know if I can find the mould here, I may have to experiment with muffin trays (desperate, hahaha).

Jalilah said...

Assalamualaikum drroza.
I have a question for you, if you don't mind answering them.
I know this question is not related to your entry but since you are a doctor, I hope you could answer 'em.
You see, I was involved in an accident in May 2004 (I wrote all about it in my blog)

1) I gained a lot of weight after the operation. My right femur was broken so I have 'besi'(hehe, i don't know the right terms) in my femur lah. I gained about 8kgs. So, will my gaining weight affects my right femur?

2) I planned to remove the 'besi' after 2 years of the operation but some said that I should wait longer in fear of the bone not healing nicely and some said that I should take it out after 2 years. Which is better?
I need solutions so please help...

dr in the house said...

Has- tu, QOTH dah sahut cabaran buat kuih talam!

Anon- thanks for dropping by and good luck trying out with the muffin trays!

Jalilah- Putting on weight will definitely have effect on your femur, whether there's internal fixation or not. It's best to keep our ideal weight in whatever condition. (easier said!)
Actually 2 yrs is an abritarary figure. You can keep for longer if you want to or not remove the fixation at all! Bone healing actually is quite complete within 6 wks but a # that needs internal fixation might take longer.
Hope this answers your queries

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Anonymous said...

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