Friday, November 11, 2005

My World In A Handbag

I was spring-cleaning my hand-bag just now and boy, the things that I keep in it! Wanna know what they are? My pink purse given by iFos (and this contains endless odds and ends as well!), a copy of al Mathurat, a small book of Asma ul husna, a copy of Juzz Amma, a copy of Surah2 amalan, my reading glasses (yes I need them to see near ~shows I'm that old!), all kinds of pretty pens given by drug-reps, my handset, medicated creams, an embroidered sachet filled with 2 lipsticks which I seldom wear, plaster-bands (songlap dari klinik, hehe), zipper-bag filled with panadols, maxalon (for fever, headache and travelling sickness), bits of papers with my clinic schedules written on them, my bank book.....

Off and on, this bag of mine also carries CDs, socks, tasbih ....if I could, I would stuff in my telekung as well but then I fear what the 'RSPCH' would do to me...what's RSPCH you ask? It's the Royal Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Handbags!

Quoting a male partner I had during varsity days who were always next to me in my lab classes, who would rummage through my huge pencil case for things he needed, "waahh, you have everything in here...only minus the kitchen sink!!" Zainal Azim (that's his name) if you are reading this, eat your heart out!! ( the odds that he would is as slim as having George Bush reading this blog!!)

Now, wait till I tell you what I keep and carry in my Tote, everyday, to work! I carry tonnes of books just in case I need to read them! Hehe....iKelah would nag me relentlessly regarding this bag as he finds it a sore-eye whenever he uses the car...sorry!

So to my female bloggers, what do you keep in your handbags?? Anything good?


kenakelayan said...

Things stuffed in my bag:

1. stamped letters ready to be posted
2. directions to a friend's house (via bus or via British Rail)
3. purse with/out money
4. Beautiful Collection of Salawat
5. praying kit: socks, wrist socks and all year solat timetable
6. duit Raya from my almost-brother and good friend Rajesh (dapat 1 pound 10p yay!)
7. PDA + phone (ditaja oleh hubby)
8. mp3 player + voice recorder (juga ditaja oleh hubby!)
9. cheapo Dungun pasar malam sunglasses (eh summer dah habis what are they doing in here?)
10. vaseline in a tin
11. panadol
12. pocket perfume for days when I unwittingly smell like a curry house
13. kohl eyeliner
14. mints
15. random tissue cilok from makan2
16. bunch of keys
17. mars bar
18. clarytin atau yang sewaktu dengannya (food and seasonal allergies weh! terima kasih kepada supplierku di Malaysia :D)
19. 40 Rabbana
20. paper I am currently reading (dah mangled sikit)
21. permanent markers for labware
22. portable hard disk
23. face moisturiser (sometimes)
24. nail polish (sometimes, not for me aa but as a sealant for my microscope slides!)
25. cellotape (also for microscopy!)

Hmmm... no wonder I get shoulder aches sometimes! Yep I too lug my tote/bag everywhere, including to the microscope room because I have all manner of useful things in there. I think what I really should carry is a tiny bottle of water.

dr in the house said...

:))..thank you for the kind revelation. Indisputably, yours carry more digital gadgets...of course I'd like to add a digicam and a pocket pc plus phone....but you know...currently my money is seen worth spent on other more important matters...:) also cilok napkins? How about glass-mats, cute plastic bowls from in-flight meals? hehe

kenakelayan said...

Heheh, tak sengaja. I only realise I have more tissues than I need at the end of the meal. So waste not, want not.

Never glass mats. Cute plastic bowls from flights, er, yeah hehehe, I use them to store odd nails/screws, they have also graced my dinner table for sambals. I normally cilok one because I like to eat dessert a little later. They throw them out anyway, right? *breaks into cold sweat*

But seriously I am annoyed at MAS because I feel I am subsidising the alcohol bill for passengers who drink. They should ban alcohol on flights, not only is it expensive and causes dehydration, I feel like I am sharing the 'tempias' of subahat! Muslim stewards/ess serving alcohol also makes for painful watching! Nak bantai a lot of fruit juices will only result in too many trips to the loo... sigh.

*prays that DrRoza will get her digicam and PDA soon... amiin*

Nurelhuda said...

I am not going to reveal my handbag secrets but I would say it is a cross between the Kenakalayan bag and Dr Roza bag!
Another feature is a small notebook that almost nothing ever gets written into.
I also carry around books which almost never get read..but get misplaced and lost ..I m still hunting for my book 100 training games ..woe is me!Can t find it in my home, in my car and in my clinic...the hide my stuff elf must have been at work here!
Oh and my handphone camera is a very useful gagdet indeed!

bergen said...

I often wonder what women got in their handbag. It won't do if I look it over but with this entry, it's like taking a virtual journey inside a woman's handbag and I don't have to be worried about being caught red-handed. Thanks, Dr. Roza.

Have a nice day.

Boogey said...

Very interesting but not new to me. That`s why you can`t scold me for laughing at your back packing idea. I think most women are like that one lar. My wife also bila sampai rumah je, tangan macam jengkaut dok sibuk korek pulas korek pulas beg tangan dia cari kunci rumah. Tersangkut dapat menda lain, selooook balik. Dapat lipstick pulak? Selooook lagi and then I drop the groceries, get my keys in a second and opened the door and dia masih seloook lagi sebab tak puas hati pulak tak dapat dapat kunchi. Haiya, there are so many compartments inside to organize the different items but in the end u just forgot which one. Sebesar besar beg tangan pun besar mana aje lah but true it`s a world of many many things real and sur real. You might actually get lost and can`t find your way out if you fall inside. Jadi lah Alice in wonderland punya story pulak. I hope you all don`t keep your touch n go card inside your handbag also. Naiyaaa orang kereta belakang.

Queen Of The House said...

Hahahah, boogey's comments sounds like me too - penat dok selok dalam bag!

I usually carry a teeny weeny handbag that is bursting with stuff only I find useful ;)
What's in mine (I don't have my camera, otherwise, I boleh ambil gambar) :

- Wallet (inside it : money, credit cards, phone cards, receipts, IC etc etc)
- Keys (4 bunches altogether)
- Passport-sized photos of husband and kids
- 2 black ball-point pens
- One blue rollerball pen
- One black gel point pen (for signatures)
- Comb
- Lip balm
- Lip Gloss
- Lipsticks
- Lip pencil
- Eyeliner pencil
- Foundation
- Mini bottle body lotion
- Mini screwdriver (for tightening loose screws on my specs, just in case)
- A bunch of safety pins
- Paper clips
- Bulldog Clip
- Several sets of brooches and pins for my tudungs
- Daughter's locket & necklace that needs fixing (been in there for months)
- Pad and pantiliner (be prepared!)
- 2 AA batteries (don't know why I always have them in my bag, but I do)
- Elastoplast plasters
- Money in the zipped pocket
- Nailclipper
- Receipts for school fees.
- Receipts for makan-makan
- ATM withdrawal slips
- Tissues
- Correction fluid
- Sweets
- Crystal bracelet
And today, an extra wallet - isi duit raya

crimsonskye said...

mine is not exactly a handbag, but since it's still a bag, here goes:

1. my notebooks, and an occasional reading material.
2. wallet
3. handphone
4. tissues
5. roll-on perfume
6. miscellaneous papers and receipts
7. thumbdrive
9. stationery case
10. living energy water

my list sounds so dull compared to yours and those above me... wonder when it would be till i have a handbag filled like that ;)

dr in the house said...

Kenakelayan- thnak you for your dua. I hope your prayers for me will be answered, ameen.

Nurelhuda- samalah kita. I have many boks in my Tote that is half read, heheh..but I still treasure them...*sigh*

Bergen- haven't you tried sneaking into your aunt's bag before?

Boogey- well narrated. Itulah perempuan. We wish to carry everything everywhere we go. Kalau boleh nak angkut satu family. So you must love your beloved for being what she is, bag and all..Alice will definitely get lost in there...and you'll be able to pull out a mad hatter anytime!

QOTH- WOW! Are you sure that list fits a handbag and not a suitcase? heheh---but I tell you it's an interesting list.It reflects your personality. The AAA battery, safety pins and screwdrivers show that u r a practical person who is always ready for a rainy day :)). I forgot to state that my bag too has kept a broken ear-ring that needs repair for months...:)))
QOTH, kita serupa!!

Crimson- you just wait. The list gets longer as you age, heheh..but what is living energy water?? heheh

Elman said...

If you make a survey I think most men would agree that having a handbag would be real handy. Unfortunately man-bags aren't the fashion still ;)

dr in the house said...

elman- yeah, bags on men make them look so effeminate...tak macho...Boogey loves body pouch and carries em around his belly...ikelah nowadays slings his camera bag wherever he goes ...personally I think backpacks are fine for young guys like you. Btw I saw you wearing a groovy beady you always wear them around?

Nurelhuda said...

Elman's bracelet is crystal, Howlite and Smoky Quartz. His Ma made it for him..
There is a stort about him wearing it but I should let him tell it himself.

kenakelayan said...

I think body pouches can make some people look like they have big bellies.

I like bracelets... recently. Before i wasn't bothered.

BTW do any of you realise that Beloved has a blog now? Tsk tsk.

dr in the house said...

Kenakelayan-nantilah kawe cari satu bracelt crystal tuk awok...ish..hint hint lak...

Thanks for telling about Bea's page..pstttt...awok nak tahu siapa si Pycno tu sebenarnya? Haaaaa....kalau nak tahu ada pengerasnya....heheeh....kalau awok dapatkan pengerasnya dgn si Bea tu pon kawe boleh kabo siapa dia...heheheh

To Pycno and Bea--kalau tak nak kawe beritahu, you both pulak kena buat 'counter-pengeras' hehhe.


kenakelayan said...

Settle! Pengeras dah pun tersedia (memang dah siapkan awal-awal)... heheheh apakah ia?

Nurelhuda said...

erkk what am I missing here..maner dier blog Beloved nih? Camana Kenakalan tahu..garu kepala

dr in the house said...

here it is

dr in the house said...

Nurelhuda, Kenakelayan just clicked on Beloved's highlighted devoleb on the comment section at Pycno's page. Dont worry I didnt split the bean YET....kenakelayan is arriving at KLIA early morning 18th Nov...Pycno and Beloved and Nurelhuda tak nak gi jumpe ke? hehehhe

Nurelhuda said...

18th?Aik miss saja, I am going to airport 19th morning to catch a flight to Alor Star ada training kat Perlis!

Azmizan said...

Yes kenakelayan, body pouches do make men LOOK like they have big bellies.

Ikelah said...

my bag

1. camera n vcam set
2. medicines
3. books
4. old newspaper; interesting article
5. battery chargers-multiple
6. spare batteries
7. non alcohol perfume
8. comb
9. kain pelikat
10. diary
11. notebook- not a laptop
12. toiletries
13. windbreaker
14. sport shirt
15. surahs compilation
16. magazines
17. nail clipper
18. letters
19. empty plastics
20. sampah

cukup la koot

Restless said...

This is my first time commenting in retrospect to your entry and I'm boiled with enthusiasm to contribute my half. It struck me once to write an entry about the dark secrets (or otherwise) a woman carries with her everywhere but didn't pursue it. I guess you've managed to start the soul-searching event for what most women do not realise of what they have in their handbangs.

The Unveiling Secret of My handbag
1. Bundles of tissues and restaurant napkins
2. St. Ives' Collagen Elastin
3. Thumbdrives - to store my assignments and reading assignments
4. A blue cotton sachet with a green Faber-Castell textliner, a row of panadol to beat series of headache, Bobby Brown's Lip Stain and Channel's Cristalle Gloss (in case of formal necessity) and an old Chinese foldable, spreadable fan (during stuffy days at the SMAWP)
5. A ball pen
6. My wallet (with/ without cash)
7. My handy diary
8. My notebook (with anecdotes, recipes, book titles)
9. A Small paper bag (just to be safe in tapowing food)
10. My saving books
11. A DigiCam
12. A small bottle of perfume (in case, my path crosses a handsome guy which needs a instant refreshing up)

P5 said...

yes, i very much agree with boogey. my other half have a number of times "lost" her mobile phone, car key and house keys in her handbag. a ladies handbag is as mysterious as the gender itself.

btw boogey, why dont you list the items you have in your belly pouch? seems big enough to contain interesting stuff.

moi? i have many bags but non i carry around as often as my camera bag pouch. contents:

1. 1x digital camera with kit lens
2. 1x extra memory card
3. 1x memory card reader
4. 1x extra lens - 135mm f2.8
5. 1x hotel plastic laundry bag - multi-purpose
6. 1x butane torch lighter

have any of you ladies ever discovered melted candy/chocs in your handbag? hehehe...

paul moss said...

boogey belly pouch:

1. polysaturated lipid
2. water
3. undigested mutton
4. sour laban
5. pepsi
6. inzctve enzymes

he revealed to me.


dr in the house said...

iKelah- I think 90% of your beg's content is sampah, :))

anim- SMAWP =Sek Men Agama Wilayah Persekutuan? Is Bobby Brown's lipstain any good? How much can a bottle of perfume do to a handsome guy that crosses your path? hehe

P5-your bag contents are as usual as practical as you are. I'm not surprised if it also contains a multipurpose gadget ala McGyver

Paul Moss- So , you and Boogey are pals huh? As for his natural Belly Pouch, I 'd suggest either liposuction or lipectomy. Gi jumper Jalil Jidon, oops Datuk Jalil Jidon beb, Sultan Pahang baru decorate.

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Haha.. I always call my mom's handbag the "Mary Poppins bag". There's so much stuff in it that she always have to ruffle through the bag to search for the car keys ;P My sisters and I love teasing her about it! ;)

dr in the house said...

Ayumi- that's why I dont keep my car keys in my bag,,:))

kenakelayan said...

Cayaklah isi your bag! But it sounds like an overnight bag to me!

Kenakalan sounds very cute :). Sayangnye miss bumping into each other at KLIA, inshaAllah I would've been able to recognise you. It had to be 18th Nov coz that is hubby's bday. :)

Quote myself: "I think body pouches can make SOME people look like they have big bellies."

Unfortunately, for SOME other people it is a convenient way of camouflaging their REAL bellies. Hehehehe.

I like the small paper bag for tapowing food idea. I should do the same too... hehehe.

Ayumi & DrRoza:
I keep keys in a compartment in my bag. Kalau tak memang tak jumpa cari.

ifos said...

nak join the list thingy jugak! haha~

1. notebooks
2. textbooks (if neccessary)
3. pens (Carrera's the best, people!!!)
4. pencil
5. ruler
6. wallet
7. oil blotters
8. compact powder
9. vaseline (it's a MUST here!)
10. pen drive
11. camera
12. umbrella
13. lip balm
14. lab coat

I keep my room key in my jacket- tired of searching for it in the bag ;)

dr in the house said...

Kenakelayan- Nope you ve no belly to hide, tht's for sure despite your briyani and lamb splurge. Kenakalan is a good alias for you, heheh...less typing for us :P
Kenakalan is couting the days to come back and hug huggybear!!!!

iFos- hah...anyone wants to hear about iFos room-key story during her matriq days? heheh. And about her obsession over sling bags? (she must have followed my footsteps- I had the same crave when I was at her age) Fi, tak berat bag bawak payung?? Hujan selalu ke sana?

Restless said...

Dr in the house- SMAWP (only the graduates from Professor Kamal Hassan's institute will do justice in figuring out this place!)
And because of this affiliation that I am bonded with, the least striking apparel is a necessity - wouldn't want to scare the ustazs with my red-to-die-for lipsticks. So, BB lipstain ruby is a Muslimah's solution to a beautiful yet presentable look.
As for the perfume, (without sounding naive)it serves as an aid of confidence to my part instead on the guy...kakakkkah!

Boogey said...

My belly pouch?
Outer compartment :
1. A bundle of keys for house & office.
2. Coins
3. Rubbish till I find a place to dispose. Usually takes a few days.
4. Some receipts( Also temporary )
Main compartment :
1. My wallet.
2. Disposable breathing apparatus.

I use a pouch because I fell more comfortable with empty pockets.

dr in the house said...

Anim- must get meself BB's ruby lipstick :)

Boogey- so do u anticipate urself doing CPR with that disposable breathing apparatus?

Ikelah said...

that the bag i use almost everyday, except for weekends. pergi kerja hari ni... balik kerja the next day...

kalau outstation, only my bag has ubat gigi, berus gigi n kain, org lain menumpang n ur 2 sons took turn on my kain esp subuh. ;)

dr in the house said...

iKelah- why is it when the boys do wrong then they are MY sons and not yours, heheh?

elman said...

yea, i wear crystal bracelets and sometimes necklace also. i wear em since my mom or sisters made them for me :P
plus they sorta make me look cooler hahah.
hmm don't really recall what story about the bracelet my mom is referring too though..

Boogey said...

When I go outstation, my wife does the packing. So I don`t have to go "Alamak terlupalah ...etc." and bang my head against the wall. Instead I scold her and she bangs her head against the wall. This way I am less stressed and live young. Memang kesian.

dr in the house said...



Elman said...

yes necklace too, but since my last one putus I havent worn any. :P
it doesnt really show even when i wear it anyways, since it was made from tali tangsi.
my sister yg kat india tu made it for me so pakai je laa

Anonymous said...

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