Saturday, November 05, 2005


We reached the hotel lobby 10 minutes before 3pm. Called his secretary and waited patiently albeit nervous like a rat. Why should I be nervous. you asked? Subhanallah, I was going to meet a person who had ranked himself amongst the great names. I could be meeting a great malay politician or a popular singer or TV personality who has so much time in his hand to blog and be amicable with adolecsent bloggers including my own daughter! What if he was a royalty, I toyed with the idea? Gosh, what should I address him as?

Then, I saw his 'secretary'. He was supposed to wear green baju melayu, sampin and songkok. But this very young guy, in fact, a boy, was wearing something bluish, no sampin and no songkok. 'Betul ke ni? Nekad je la' I approached him and when near, he looked so much like Hiyoshi. 'Hiyoshi?', I asked. 'No' he replied crisply. So, we followed him. Along the way, I tried my best to extricate whatever info I can from this rather cool and overly-composed guy.

'Who is he really?, I asked. 'Is he really a famous personality as claimed?' 'No, I was strictly told not to reveal anything and save it for the last minute' he replied nonchalantly, straight face. 'Who else has arrived?' 'No one else'. Ok, this is one tough fellow. He won't budge.

We took the lift and walked to the next wing and took another lift. Really felt like in the 'Get Smart' series. And finally we reached THE room!

Ta Da!! The door opened and there HE was with his beautiful beloved! Our very own Pycnogenol! Aghast, I stepped into the room dazed! It was so surreal! Finally I come face to face with this person who had encouraged me to blog, who continued to keep us guessing who he really is and who is forever leaving sweet and positive comments wherever he goes.

We were the first to arrive. So we had sometime warming up (despite the air-con we were probably flustered up primarily due to excitement and some degree of embarrassment). We managed to do some reminiscing about our entries and placing things into certain perspectives, now that we have got to know everyone in person.

Next, came Nurelhuda with 3 of her children. We hugged like we've known for years! I didn't get to ask her but I bet she felt like it was a dream too cause she sure looked confused! Incidentally, I met my mom's neighbour earlier on who on probing turned out to be Nurelhuda's cousin! What a small, small world! (unlike Mawi's of course!)

Hiyoshi being Hiyoshi had tried to pull a grandiose entrance but unfortunately his entrance went slightly unnoticed :) heheh. Sorry! This rather contradicts your version eh? Anyway one is entitled to their own version isn't it?!

Inositol came last, alone. She remains her enigmatic self :). We too hugged like we've known each other ages. She does have some semblance to Ida Nerina, her wide eyes especially, :). Minah kilang or not, she is someone I can reckon with anytime!

Surprisingly we had no problem finding topics to discuss. Pycnogenol as expected turned out to be a magnificent host. Nurelhuda is as Hiyoshi has described: as deep as her entries! :)) but I could understand her better in person unlike her entries which I might take many re-reads to fully understand!

Actually Hiyoshi came with his parents and siblings. He sat next to me and we managed to make small talk. I found him a shy person who had to be provoked to finally open up. And seriously, his writings are more 'extrovert' than what he really is! :)) After that short meet, I gathered that he was doing quite well in his studies and insyallah you'll make a good doctor, Hiyoshi!

'Ok, ok, skip the details', I can hear you guys grumbling. 'We already know what you ate'. Hiyoshi has made a good job in describing the food served (It's as though he had prepared the food himself! ). 'Please stop the suspense!' 'So who is this PYCNOGENOL please!' Oklah guys I know how it feels to be stuck in an abysmal passage of guessing game. Why it nearly left me bald from scratching my non-itchy head ! So you really want to know who this mysterious fella is? Click the comment page!


dr in the house said...

ambo minta' maaf ambo dah janji tak ake bocor ke rahsie kawe kite PYCNOGENOL. Kami semale pakak rama2 angkak tange kane de berikra "KAMI TIDAK AKAN PECAHKAN RAHSIA PYCNOGENOL KALAU TIDAK DIA AKAN TERUS HILANG DARI ALAM MAYA" Minta' maak de :))

pycnogenol said...

Trust you drroza to come up with something so witty, full of suspence and drama...and of course left the audience gaping with a cliffhanger !!!

I am a bit worried with Nurelhuda though. Will she or will she not spill the beans? Remember Nurelhuda your "ikrar"...otherwise pycno will have to dissapear into thin air....just like the PHSM. Let's leave it to the rest of the bloggers to discover pycno on their own. I believe in justice and fair play. They should ALL go through the routine of "scratching their itchy-less heads!!"

P/s: The secretary actually did not have time to change into Baju Melayu as promised becuase he was busy running errands. But he was finally in one, was he not? Kalau tak ikut arahan, kena pecat kerja lah !!

inositol said...

drroza.... drroza..... I was nervous just like you, to finally come face to face, with not just pycno but with the rest of the bloggers who were there. What more I was the last to arrive.

But thanks to you I was made to feel at home. Meeting you and Nurelhuda was like meeting two long lost friends. Indeed, meeting blogging friends is not like meeting a stranger for the first time, (even though you are actually meeting him/her for the very FIRST time!!). Strange kan?

hiyoshi said...

"Hiyoshi being Hiyoshi had tried to pull a grandiose entrance but unfortunately his entrance went slightly unnoticed :)"

It's always like that, but I don't mind. Maybe next time, I should go to the gathering as The Invisible Man.

And yes, I do sound more extrovert in my entries than I am in real life, don't I? I just can't imagine myself talking as much as I write. All in all, thank you for becoming my conversation partner that afternoon :) Wonder what sofi thinks of that...?

Nurelhuda said...

Oh dear now I have to come up with My version of the Bloggers meet, heheheh wait and see. Dr Roza , your version has a little bit of fiction ..or perhaps I am missing something..I actually did not see Inositol come in!If she did come in later, I must have missed the enterance..When I came she was already there...with her family too..Now Kenakalayan and Crimson must be wondering how big the room was with Inositol and family, Pycno and family , Hiyoshi and family, Dr Roza and family and me and family...
Now that is what we were thinking..that Pycno is a big shot and Berjaya to be able to be in such a big room! Of course I won t spill the beans, I don t want to see Pycno disappear into thin air !

pycnogenol said...

Pycnogenol sighs a BIG relief !!
Thanks guys...I LOVE you SO much...!!!!

P5 said...

waa... want to be just like aznil in that akademi fantasia aa..?

pycnogenol said...

That's very clever of you. Now I must get beloved to get something really special for you.

Ikelah said...

I would like to thank pycnogenol for being a kind host.

we enjoyed ourselves esp going through his 'high security encavemet'. it jut reminds me of a tv series..'get smart', going tru all the security surveillancs.....

"some high profile celebrity, he has to protect himself from uncontrolled fans," i thought to myself.

Nothing more to say as much had been told by those who came n i m looking forward to cu guys at our next meet.

Has said...

Found this blog, no time yet, bookmarked for future reading. From the gist of it, I salute your generativity. Must be the superiority of X chromosome.


halela said...

Wah, you have a blogger's meet!
Must be wonderful meeting somebody that you feel you've known for ages by writing only.
I did that last year, in KL and penang. The thing is i was really scared before those meetings.

kenakelayan said...

Hehehehe fun to be had by all... not least by those absent and hence still left guessing... :)

Pycno = Hollow Man?

pycnogenol said...

Kenakelayan - I've said this, not too long ago in one of my entries:

"There are times in which I may indulge in behaviour that is strictly unorthodox, and though I may suffer at the hands of those who do not understand, I will ultimately benefit greatly from my forays into the unusual. (Do you think that describes me??? Honestly I think it does.) I am also in a way revealing myself here.

Many of you were asking how old I am. Ah! Age is just a number, right? So, I can be as 'old' or as 'young' as YOU want me to be. That way, I can forever be your friend.....and you will never have to feel uneasy or not comfortable having me around to laugh and cry with,together."

So, the hollow man fits me just fine. And kenakelayan, you may not know me even when I AM right in front of you. And the possibility of that happening is so REAL, kan drroza ??? ;))

Nurelhuda said...

Lol..I think this picture has been tampered with! I m sure Dr Roza made me look fatter than my usual slim self and the hollow man's shape seems to be too round ..I was pretty sure Pycno wore a songkok!!Dr Roza how could you???kehkehkeh

P5 said...

i recalled reading the book odyssey by homer, when odysseus at first refused to let cyclops know of his name. by being incognito, he remained safe. but alas, upon setting sail, odysseus revealed himself. cyclops immediately called upon his godfather poseidon who immediately destroyed odysseus ship.

ahaha... well, i think none of us are as nasty as cyclops or poseidon, and you have your reason. but i still reserve the right to strangle drroza for that suspense thriller writing! hahaha... or better, i shall indulge ikelah with *dot*dot*dot*

OOD said...

yey! now i know how you look like! kalau selisih bahu i can tepuk your back!

dr in the house said...

pycno-(I will ultimately benefit greatly from my forays into the unusual.)----care to elaborate what this statement means?

inositol-insyallah we are indeed long lost friends :)) now I thought I have cropped almost 50% of your 'slim' self...heheh

ikelah-we definitely enjoyed ourselves didnt we?

has- x chromosome=x factor :)

halela- you bet I was nervous! Takut pun ada...

kenakelayan- I dont know for how long pycno wants to remain incognito but I am the one having fun making ppl guess..tee hee

p5- berani kau mahu cekik sama aku! nanti aku bilang sama itu penarik beca, kasi belasah sama kau!<---adegan filem P Ramlee yg kita tidak jemu tonton.

ood- if you tepuk belakang I without me knowing who u are, I might just 'sekeh' you. So why not post a pic of your petite self to make things easy eh?

pycnogenol said...

Unfortunately, I cannot elaborate the statement in my entry nor in this comment box, for the simple reason that I'm still maintaining my anonymity.
But in person, InsyaAllah boleh beritahu. Hari tu dah cakap sikit kan? Drroza dah lupa, kot? Or terlalu nervous or embarrassed to be paying attention to what was said...hehe... :))

dr in the house said...

Ok, insyallah faham.:)

kenakelayan said...

:) oooh intrigue is so much fun, the unravelling is just as fun as the actual unveiling!

Pycno: yes age is just a number. I like diversity in my friends.. if I understand what u r trying to say then many thanks indeedy. :)

Ood and DrRoza: hehehe nasib baik DrRoza tak ada ilmu silat or else it will be more than a sekeh. hehehehe.

P5: yep sometimes unveiling can change the whole metre of the relationship. But sometimes things can remain the same.

Alhamdulillahi rabbil 'alamin..

crimsonskye said...

Anyone watched Spiderman II? I think that's exactly how does pycnogenol sounds to me right now... like the spiderman himself! the way how his identity was exposed and those people promising him they wouldn't tell anybody ;)

but you guys really did have a wonderful time :)

dr in the house said...

Crimson- it was SURREAL!

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Haha.. crimson.. my thought exactly! ;P

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